Christmas Day 2016

Merriest Christmas review! This was truly a great one: the kids & I had clearly-communicated, realistic wishes, so they were all fulfilled, which feels the *most* magical. JB won't ever tell anyone anything he wants, so I was extra proud of my creative finds that made him happy, too. ;-) I always want experiences over stuff, so my most happys are family memberships to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston & the Houston Zoo (renewed interest for the kids with all the Pok├ęstops :-P) and tickets for my mom & me to see The Book of Mormon musical when she comes next week! (1 material most happy from JB's parents: a Lilly Pulitzer gift card!!! Y'all *know* Lilly goes straight to my heart! Fingers crossed for their biannual sale that *should* - if tradition dictates - be next Monday!)

The kids got Calvin Klein underwear! :-D [Costco!] After seeing Back to the Future last year, Will has thought this is GREAT!!! :-P I still can't believe UNDERWEAR was such a major Christmas hit! I was totally prepared to explain it away as a gag: nope = both thrilled!!! They totally laughed & loved it.
"Calvin... Why do you keep calling me Calvin?"
"That's your name, isn't it? Calvin? Calvin Klein? It's written all over your underwear…"

JB's parents sent the kids these awesome glasses that make the lights on the Christmas tree look like designs! Soooo cool!

I was genuinely thrilled to get dark chocolate mint KitKats that I've been so curious to try, but didn't want to buy for myself. ;-)

Our family favorite breakfast food is Bacon & Gouda breakfast sandwiches from Starbucks. JB made them at home for us to savor this morning after presents, instead!

What did Annelise & I do Christmas Day afternoon? We went to the gym! I don't share this to look like a workout freak, but b/c it still shocks *me* that THIS is my happy choice! We spent all morning opening gifts, playing, watching movies, eating = just hanging out on the couch. The gym opened at 3, and JB & Will wanted to watch a movie we didn't care for, so why not? I caught up on everyone's Christmas on FB, posted about ours (stuff I would have done on the couch at home, anyway) while Annelise & I did a Precor machine. When I was done, we bobbed in the hot tub, got some sinus relief in the steam room, and got cleaned up. Annelise even got to use some of her Christmas presents: new athletic pants, hair brush, and Bath & Bodyworks set! It was win/win/win all around! Plus, I didn't feel bad for all the dark chocolate mint KitKats I ate when we got home! :-D


  1. Oh, I just recently discovered that Bacon and Gouda breakfast sandwich at Starbucks and LOVE it!! Looks like y'all had a great Christmas - such fun presents!!

  2. We could seriously eat Sbux every morning, if we let ourselves! :-D :-P


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