Double Gold Medals

Annelise's Senior 1 cheer team, Extreme, won 1st place gold medals, again, last Saturday at the Cheer Power Christmas Championship!
I love the purple scarves they received, too. đź’ś Their pro pics were ridiculously expensive & not great quality, so I just snapped a few proof screen shots, instead, since we sat so far away to watch the routine:

They had ANOTHER different competition the very next day: CheerSport Houston Grand Championship on Sunday:
[Annelise tumbling left]
[Annelise left, jumping to tumble]
[A = left flyer]
[A = about to tumble across the front]
[A = center flyer (1 in from right)]
[A = center arabesque (1 in from right)]
[A = split down (1 in from right)]
[A = highest flyer (on right)]
[A = right end flyer]

Extreme hit ZERO deductions *again* for ANOTHER 1st place gold medal - TWO days in a row!!!

Next competition: New Orleans in January

Coming up next here: big Zumba news, awesome stunting, & choir music...


  1. Glad they're doing so well!! Looks like y'all are enjoying the competitions!


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