Fave Things: Kodiak Cakes + Holiday Leftovers

Back to Thanksgiving... My must-haves: roasted sweet potatoes seasoned with tons of ground ginger & a little Tony Chachere's that I mix with pumpkin seeds & dried cranberries, as well as my gingerbread pumpkin trifle - the only pumpkin dessert everyone in this house loves. (Recipes here.)

So I made over twice the sweet potatoes I usually do, but we also didn't have anyone over for Thanksgiving this year = TONS left over. We love them cold & reheated... but this year, I invented the most spectacular use for leftovers EVER: cooking them *in* waffles!!! And not just any waffles - Kodiak Cakes! This is totally not a paid post (although I'd be thrilled, if they wanted to send me any of their products! :-P) Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes are super high protein - 1 plain waffle made with just the mix & water (you only have to mix with water! no oil, egg, etc. = awesome!) has 190 calories, 14g of protein, & 5g of fiber! I get it in one 4.5 lb box containing 3 separate 24 oz packages at Costco for ~$12.

We've been Power Cakes fans for over a year. Usually, I just put 2-3 chocolate chips in each quarter of my waffle iron with the mix; that's our standard. Sometime this year, I decided to make savory waffles by adding pulled rotisserie chicken (also from Costco) to the mix in the waffle iron with a little Tony Chachere's sprinkled on top to season. The day after Thanksgiving, I looked at my leftover bowl of roasted sweet potatoes in the fridge & thought, "WAFFLE IRON!" (JB gave me the best double waffle iron for Christmas several years ago!)

I used the Power Cakes mix and sprinkled the roasted sweet potatoes, pumpkin seeds, & dried cranberries over the top, before topping with a tiny bit more mix to complete the bind:



  1. If I lived anywhere near you, I'd be inviting myself over for one (or two) of these waffles!!!

  2. I can't stop eating them! Dinner tonight, too! :-D


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