Football-tacular Christmas Eve

What a football-tacular Christmas Eve!!! I watched my beloved Washington Redskins win, Will's Atlanta Falcons won, and then we actually WENT to the Houston Texans game that evening!!! (A friend of JB's couldn't use his season tickets & gifted them to us. #footballismylovelanguage )

Up high, but still 50 yard line! Annelise was so excited for EVERY aspect - she is my football spectator BFF! They had live reindeer out front, we got free light-up Santa hats & keychains, and JJ Watt was pacing the sideline in front of us!

When we got home & got the kids to bed, I watched Pope Francis' Christmas Eve Mass from the Vatican as I set out gifts & wound down to sleep. There's always something so calming about it, and it was the perfect way to balance missing our usual candlelight service at church. :-)


  1. How fun!! Love the red and green wrapping paper, and your tree looks lovely!!

  2. Thank you!!! We actually started color-coding the kids' gifts in a signature paper for each of them when we stopped traveling & started having Christmas at home. They LOVE it!!! The red is Will's (red is his fave color) & green for Annelise (green was her fave color when she was little. :-))


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