What's Up With Us Starting December?

*sigh* ...but kind of a perfect metaphor for life: not what we planned, and sometimes dark, but more often than not, shimmering brightly. (No worries – I just layered a new strand over the burned-out ones a couple days later. ;-))

Saturday, we went to the Brookwood Community Christmas pageant - nothing fills my heart with the true spirit of Christmas like watching these precious special needs adults get to perform & shine, giving glory to God!!! (Brookwood is a God-centered educational, residential, and entrepreneurial community for special needs adults with functional disabilities, and every year, their citizens put on the most precious, heartfelt Christmas show. It is IMPOSSIBLE not to be touched by God there!) This was my 4th year going, and I was so thankful Will & Annelise came with me. ❤️ The citizens of Brookwood are so miraculous...

Bonnie Blue beagle snuggles, just because...

This has become my & Annelise's Saturday ritual when we don't have other plans: we go to the gym, bounce around for an hour or so on the machines (~8 miles on the Precor AMT for me) while we also play on electronics (FB now for me, YouTube for her) & share laughs over things we find. Then we go down to the hot tub & steam room before getting cleaned up. We *lovelovelove* getting off the couch, being together, still getting to be online while being productive, & then relaxing! Almost time to hit the hot tub...

JB went on a business trip in WI & actually sat out in the snow around the 50 yard line at the Packers/Texans game!!!
Lambeau was my very 1st NFL game with the law firm I worked at 16 years ago, and my every NFL game since has been the Texans! I've always had love for the Packers, b/c my dad was from Oshkosh, and everyone knows that we're staying in Texas now forever, so my fan heart couldn't lose in this game. :-D

One of the biggest perks of teaching Zumba here is getting to connect with the large international expat community in the energy corridor. My life is so enriched by the diversity & sharing of cultures!!! ❤️ But one of the biggest negatives: when my now-friends' assignments are up & it's time for them to return to their home countries. :'( So sad that one of my favorite dancing buddies moved back to Japan this Sunday...but thankful for all the dances we shared!


  1. Love you and Annelise's little gym tradition - sounds fun!!

  2. It's surprising how much this one little thing has elevated my joy level!!!


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