Zumba Gift from God

So, in surprising Zumba news... I have been hired to teach a Zumba class at cute little boutique gym here in town!

How did this happen? I definitely wasn't looking for it, but as always, God laid the foundations before I had any clue. I felt led to amp up my workouts this July; I had gained just over 10 lbs in 7.5 months (since Thanksgiving 2015) = I needed to do more cardio, if I wasn't going to cut down on the amount of sugar I eat, so that's when on my non-teaching days I started doing Facebook on my phone at the gym while on that Precor machine, instead of while sitting at home on the couch. I didn't realize it then, but God was changing my body & ESP. my mindset to think working out 6 days a week was not only normal, but *preferable* - I would have been SOOO overwhelmed & quit quickly had I tried to do this even just a year ago.

Then when my schedule at the fancy corporate gym in the city was changed in September, I was angry & felt completely railroaded...but, again, God worked that out for my best: although I lost members, it worked out well for my personal life to teach W/Th instead of M/W, b/c it cleanly broke up competition cheer Sun-Wed, Zumba Wed-Thurs, & my youth cheer Thurs-Sat = less divided focus. It also created a void in my early-week fitness routine that I felt led to actively fill. Without that schedule change, I would've been content & not open to adding anything. One of the moms on Annelise's competition cheer team teaches Piyo at this little boutique gym, and when she found out I'm a Zumba instructor, she asked if I'd be interested, b/c their Zumba instructor just moved away. I would not have been...until this fall!

I loved the idea of having another class at this place, b/c it's tiny = more personal. It's not a corporate behemoth: the lady who owns it also teaches and is happy to work around everyone's personal lives. There weren't four rounds of interviews or three months of hoops to jump through before you can teach. We texted a couple times to set up an audition class last Friday; it rocked, she hired me on the spot, and I started teaching this Tuesday. There's no red tape, which is so refreshing! Also, my fancy gym in the city is 30 minutes away, so I lovelovelove having a class in my town for my local friends to attend!

I'm so thankful God set this up - He got me ready physically & mentally starting this summer to think that adding a class would be no extra strain whatsoever, He opened my heart to make me want it with that schedule change, He's allowing me to connect now & share my craft with my local peeps, and He gave me this great additional connection with a fellow cheer team mom.

And speaking of fellow cheer mom, she & two of our other team mom friends came to my audition class! ❤️ Afterwards, because BEAST MODE (the parent team!) cheer is now our life...
(We're on a SURFBOARD!!! This gym has a Surfset fitness class where you balance on the surfboard that's based on wobbly bosu balls - so cool!!!) [Full disclosure: I held that heel stretch for all of a millisecond!!! :-P]

Stay tuned for some big Beast Mode news next... ;-)


  1. Loved, loved reading this story of how God put all the pieces into place for you, even when it may not have all seemed "good" in the moment!!

    1. I just LOOOOVE being able to look back & actively see how He worked it out for my good! Romans 8:28 ❤


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