Friday, January 22, 2016

Constable, Classes, & Kind Words

I kind of flipped out when our doorbell rang after 9 PM Wednesday night, along with a very firm barrage of knocks. I hesitated to answer...and when I did, it was the POLICE! :-O Driving through the neighborhood, our local constable noticed JB's back truck door open & wondered if it had been broken into. JB never forgets to close a door, but nothing was missing, so it must have been a fluke. SO THANKFUL for this officer's initiative & service!!! Continued prayers of safety!

Thursday night was Will's 7th Grade Course Selection Info Night...and I didn't think I would be feeling all the feels at this!!! I *love* watching him grow up, but I can't lie that my heart was fluttering a bit. I felt much more confident going into this than last year, though - Will isn't really wavering on any class he wants to take - but it was affirming to get clarification on his choices. And y'all - football counts as a CLASS here!!! :-D (No, It doesn't replace an academic! It replaces basic, required PE. ;-))

Friday morning, *THIS* happened: the lady beside me in barbell said on the way out, "You really had a ton of weights loaded on your legs, and you still had such good form!" I have NEVER gotten a barbell compliment, and Words of Affirmation is my #1 Love Language - I can't even tell you how that simple, kind word has me flying on cloud 9!!! (I *did* tell her I have strong legs from Zumba & she should come take my class! ;-))

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What a Weekend

Will's basketball game was super exciting this Saturday, (although a child's sports game + me on vocal rest for singing the next day = doesn't work well!!! I can't not cheer!) He scored another basket this week, so two games in a row!!!

We found fantastic post-game fuel at the new Hoodadak Korean-Style Fried Chicken: biggest chicken wings EVER, 3 types of french fries, as well as a few actual Korean dishes - I love bulgogi!!! Annelise got this chicken dish that comes with cheese fondue! :-D The décor is sleek & clean and the service outstanding. Happy to make this a regular in our local restaurant rotation!

And just two doors down in the same center is Sweet Vivian's: their liquid nitrogen ice cream is AWESOME!!!!! We each tried a different flavor: Nutella, chocolate mint, peanut butter, & berry sorbet: I *hate* melty ice cream (it's why I don't enjoy fro yo - melts too fast) and this not only doesn't melt quickly, but you get the coolest experience of watching them make your serving fresh in front of you!
They also have an AMAZING crêpe menu + tons of coffees & tea.

Awesome eats are perhaps my life's greatest hobby! :-P I *WILL* find the cool food!!!

I sang Sunday:

I love that you can hear Will & Annelise singing as loud as you can hear me! :-D

I also choreoed new Zumba and made an Instagram account for my cheer program! (Follow it, if you're on Instagram!!!)


Saturday, January 16, 2016

Outdoor Learning Center Field Trip

Annelise had a class field trip that I chaperoned this last Thursday to our Outdoor Learning Center. First off, let me say how impressed I am that our school district has stuff like this! It *is* why we moved specifically to this town, but it's extra satisfying to see it in practice!

"The facility consists of 34.5 acres of land, much of which is wooded. The buildings on the site include a science classroom/museum, a caretaker’s cottage, a history classroom/museum, and a large barn and a barnyard. The barnyard includes a windmill, a variety of farm animals and a small pond. A large garden area is located behind the barnyard area. A smaller demonstration garden is located across the street from the front of the barn. The center also has hard surface roads to the buildings, a 1.3 acre pond with piers and a bridge, and several wooded nature trails."

They explored the science museum, and I got to teach a station on butterflies, camouflage, & mimicry. We posed with a bear before moving to...

the pioneer classroom, where they experienced part of a general store, pioneer homemaking, local 19th century native American artifacts, and went through a typical pioneer classroom day, complete with standard headgear. ;-)

Monday, January 11, 2016

Back to Basketball

Will scored a basket in his first basketball game of his second season on Saturday, and our team WON! (He also fouled in his first 10 seconds on the court - the football is still strong with this one... ;-))

Grandma & Grandpa's Restaurant Tour

Grandma & Grandpa Blake came this last week to celebrate Christmas with us! We feasted at our faves: Bernie's Burger Bus (mmmmm - the Mascot burger & best chocolate peppermint milkshake), Torchy's Tacos (the Wrangler breakfast taco with eggs & brisket), Alicia's (our fave Tex-Mex with the best chicken tamales ever), Dish Society (farm-to-table fabulousness, even without my fave brisket-stuffed sweet potato on the brunch menu), Grimaldi's (the best fresh, handmade-mozzarella cheese pizza in America), and Sunday brunch at Ray's Gourmet Country Grill! So delicious!!!

We posed in our gifted Christmas socks:
And experimented posing with Will's selfie stick:
(We'll get better! :-D)

Saturday, January 9, 2016

End of Christmas Break

Over the end of Christmas break, I inked out prototypes of our committee collaboration for our 2016 cheer shirt:

Gelished my nails (with Christmas gift polish ♥) for the first time since I got stitches:

choreoed new Zumba, & digiscrapped August-December: 30 PAGES!!! (Alllll of football season = overwhelming!!!)

On Sunday, the 3rd, we watched my Skins & Texans win (yay, playoffs!) while eating crazy concoctions that Annelise made all day in the kitchen. She wanted to have a "CCD" (her invention: "Culinary Creation Day") & played Chopped for us: we gave her ingredients she had to use, and she made us dishes. Lots of hits & misses. :-P ;-) Particular thumbs up for peanut butter & jelly on jalapeño cornbread and a quesadilla with pumpkin seeds & fresh pears! :-D

I *LOVELOVELOVE* that our kids didn't go back to school until Tuesday! Somehow made it feel like a more gentle transition back... But we didn't sleep in on that last free day: Annelise woke up early Monday to help me shop my beloved biannual Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale! ♥ We got 3 shirts for me and a dress for her:
She came to Zumba with me (OMIGOSH - class killed! Holy post-holidays!), we hot tubbed, feasted at Sweet Paris Crêperie, and sang Adele's 25 at the top of our lungs! :-D Annelise's vacay was then topped off by finding *the* set of 100 gel pens we've searched for:
Ah, the magic of school supplies!!! :-D

Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year's Eve

We had a happily friend-filled New Year's Eve! I cannot believe that just a year ago, I didn't actually know these ladies, who have become some of my dearest BFFs. When I think about how much God did for us and through us this year, it makes me giddy to think what He could have in store for 2016!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Fluff Bake Bar

Our visit with my parents here - filled with massages, exploring Chinatown, & feasting - was topped off with a dessert stop at Fluff Bake Bar to kill some extra time on the way to the airport. I've wanted to try this place for MONTHS! The chef-owner earned her Diplôme de Pâtisserie from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and was on Top Chef: Just Desserts - I am a complete sucker for *any* Top Chef restaurant!!!

Divine: the Couch Potato Cookie (baked with potato chips, pretzels, corn flakes, chocolate chips & marshmallows = chewy salty sweet heaven!), Veruca Salt Cup|Cake (devil’s food cake layered with salted caramel buttercream, topped with pretzel crunch & pearls), and Fluffernutters (peanut butter oat cookie sandwiches with marshmallow fluff filling). Also mmmm: a bakewell tart with fresh, housemade Concord grape filling and an excellent gingersnap cookie! (Super spicy, chewy ginger cookies are my FAVE!) Still to taste: a chocolate-caramel-sea salt covered rice crispy bar...