Thursday, February 25, 2016

Painting Party

I have wanted to go to one of those painting party places for AGES, so when our Cheertator Wendy wanted to go Saturday night for her birthday, I was THRILLED!!!

["Are we really doing this? For real, for real?"]

[We began painting the sky...]

[1st break progress..]

[2nd break progress: "Just laugh, Ang!" :-P]

[Finished masterpieces!]

Y'all know how obsessed I am with bluebonnets - it was perfect!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Rodeo Parade 2016

Our cheerleaders marched in the Rodeo Parade, again, and this year we added a trailer! Another great, warm morning:

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Weekly Bullets

•Prayer requests: for a loved one's job interviews; a BFF who lives in Europe's emergency visit home to TX to be with her mom just diagnosed with terminal cancer; another BFF whose mother passed away; a child in an incident at school; a BFF needing knee surgery after a big injury & won't be able to dance for at least 6 months...

Fireworks chocolate bars (my FAVE candy ON EARTH!!!) are back at Trader Joe's!

•Annelise & I have been taking the best yin yoga class together Tuesday evenings, complete with lavender-scented towels over our eyes during savasana. The peace of holding my child's hand during the most relaxing, restorative hour of my week... ❤

•I went to the dentist for a cleaning...& THAT'S IT!!! No new work scheduled, AGAIN! Whaaat?! 4TH time in a row!!! Have I finally reached the magical point where my super soft teeth are maintainable?! My BFF, Tina, asked if there was a correlation with me quitting Diet Coke (& really most all carbonated beverages) a few years ago - I had never considered, but I completely believe it!!! Bonus: I got the *MOST* unique compliment from my dentist - "You're like a shot of B12. You bring energy into the room." :-D

•Will & I had a date Friday night to our local rodeo! I *LOVE* that he was so happy to be there with me. ❤

•Saturday was SO FULL: my cheerleaders marched in the Rodeo Parade (dedicated post coming) and then we went straight to Will's basketball game - Mustangs win, again!!! 29-20

•After 9 months of hemming and hawing, I pulled the trigger: I bought Ion Radiant Orchid hair color! I've really wanted a few purple streaks, but I've been too scared. Annelise & I did a version last summer, but since it was liquid chalk instead of actual dye, it dried our hair out so bad. I'll post whenever I get the courage to actually do it...

•I have already EARLY VOTED! YAY!!! It took literally 3 minutes. Find out when your primary is, and go vote - but don't show up uninformed. It takes no time to do a tiny bit of research on your phone, esp. re: local races. *If you DON'T vote, keep your political opinions TO YOURSELF!!!*

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Mid-February Recap

Butterfly Man to the Rescue
A couple weekends ago, we were all up until 1 AM with poor Annelise when an uncontrollable coughing fit hit her at bedtime. (Reactive airway - even her albuterol didn't tame it; I almost took her to LifeTime to sit in the pro strength steam room at midnight.) She was 100% fine the next day, but I never want to forget how Will was the one to get her to stop crying: he got her giant costume butterfly wings out of her closet & appeared as Butterfly Man to make her smile & save the day. They irritate each other often...but they do truly love each other so much. ❤

Post-Super Bowl
6 years ago, JB bought Annelise this big bear for Valentine's...and all on her own 3-yr-old self, she named him Peyton Mayonnaise. (I'm a Redskin fan, and we were living in Chicago - it was all her!) Ever since, Peyton has held a special place in our hearts, and Annelise was so excited to snuggle up with her Peyton that night & tell him congrats! :-P

Mardi Gras
One of JB's friends took this pic of us at the Mardi Gras ball a few weeks ago! I love it - it's so *us*

One of my members brought Mardi Gras beads for everyone in my Zumba class last week!!! It was so sweet & festive!!! Here's about half of us after cool down:

Skating Party
I roller skated for the first time in probably ~20 years on Saturday at one of our Cheertator's daughter's bday party! I eased back into it way more quickly than I anticipated. :-)

I threw Annelise's class Valentine's party at school... It may have gotten a bit rowdy... ;-)

My amazing husband gifted me with this Gratitude Apothecary Jar. ❤ The basic premise is to fill it with pennies & notes, each representing something you're thankful for that day. I'm thankful for him, for being my true partner in life!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Mardi Gras Ball

So right after our NFL Play 60 cheer performance, I had *literally* 1 HOUR to get ready for the first formal ball JB & I have attended in 11 years! Our last was Junior League Star Ball when Will was 7 months old in 2005:

Two of my Cheertator BFFs came straight over from the cheer event and did my hair & makeup. ♥ They made me feel like Cinderella!!!

Off to the Krewe of Katy Mardi Gras Ball!

We stopped on the way at a former Mardi Gras Queen's home for a fabulous gumbo dinner & appetizers:

And on to the ball:
[Photo Booth!]
[King & Queen of the Ball  (One day... ;-)]
[Check out my crazy arm muscle! :-P]

I wish I had dancing pics, but there were several pro photogs capturing our action, so I'm sure I will soon! The whole event was wonderful, from the pre-dinner gumbo, to the show, to the buffet formal dinner with king cake dessert, to dancing until midnight and not getting delivered home until 1 AM. :-D

FASHION NOTES - Dress: I got my dress from Rent the Runway. (That's a referral link, but I'm not being compensated for this post at all.) How much smarter than buying a several-hundred-dollar dress that I can't wear there, again, next year?! I was so pleased with the super simple rental experience. I got so many compliments on the purple sequins...but sequin arm chafing is BRUTAL - my only pain the next day. ;-)
Shoes: I begged my friends to let me wear my strappy croc sandals b/c the dress was so long; they flipped in horror, so I wore clear Cinderella heels - BUUUT all of us ladies' feet hurt so bad that after dinner, we all took off our shoes & danced barefoot all night! Next year: croc sandals NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Cheering U of H & NFL Play 60

Yes, cheer season is over (it officially runs Aug-Nov) but when I took over running the program last year, I wanted us to do several events to get the girls together in the offseason and give them a chance to perform: 1) to boost retention, 2) to advertise the program, & 3) to make the girls feel special. Last year, we did the local Rodeo Parade. We're doing that, again, this February 20th, but that's not all!

The University of Houston cheer coach & I have kept in close contact since their cheer clinic we attended in Sept. She invited a few of our girls to come cheer a U of H men's basketball halftime to work out the logistics & see if we could offer this to our whole cheer league next season!!! It. Was. Awesome. We went last Wednesday. It was 4 of my girls and 5 of another Cheertator's squad along with U of H:

(Annelise is on the far side in the back. She flew in the prep sign stunt holding the "WHITE" sign. :-)) Of course, I was SOOO proud!!! Another angle from one of my cheer dads, with Annelise back row, right side:

Go KYF Cheer! The KYF Cheerleaders joined up with the UH Cheerleaders for a special half-time performance. Go Coug! Go Fight Win!
Posted by Ryan Missman on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

THEN, this Saturday, we were asked by the local parks district to cheer to open their NFL Play 60 event, which gets boys & girls moving & playing active games for an hour. We were the preshow entertainment, and boy did we deliver!!! I *did* get to open this up to the entire league, and we had 13 squads participate! We all did our Hello Cheer together:

KYF Cheerleaders kicking off Play60 event today. Go KYF! Go Falcons!
Posted by Ryan Missman on Saturday, January 30, 2016

And then each squad performed their own cheer or halftime dance, before we closed with everyone doing our Opening Ceremonies dance together.

The event coordinator was so pleased that she has asked us to cheer *EVERY* future NFL Play 60 event!!! This is HUGE: most organizations pay them $400 to perform like we did, & they're begging us back! PS - the weather?! STELLAR: 80° sunshine on January 30th! Loooooove...

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bball & Choir, Bras & Curls

The last week was so full of blog-worthy events! Stay tuned for posts on two big cheer performances and JB & I attending a grand Mardi Gras ball! Catch up with the kids first...

Check out Will vs. the giant in basketball! (6th grade size differences are INSANE!)
(Yes! He made that breakaway shot!)

Notes on attending a Junior High Choir Talent Show:
1) Will *wanted* me to come with him! None of his friends asked their parents - I never thought I'D be the mom they want hanging around! ‪#‎enjoyingwhileitlasts‬ (He didn't sing, but every choir student had to attend for a grade. I was surprised that they didn't act "too cool" for being there.)
2) Faith in the goodness of this generation affirmed: a few of these acts hit some wretched notes, and NO ONE laughed or booed. They were so supportive!!! It was actually beautiful.
3) It totally flashed me back to my middle school talent show! That may have been the day I felt most wonderful in all those awkward years...

I acknowledge this borders on the private, but I blog to remember these things, and I just don't want to forget: Annelise asked me if we could buy her sports bras for the first time. She came home wearing one after sleeping over at a friend's last month, so I *knew* it was coming! She absolutely doesn't need one (& will probably be the last girl in her class who does #latebloomers) but I never want her to feel weird about that stuff with me, so I said, "OK, let's see what they have. You choose what you like, and we'll talk about it." SO THANKFUL she chose two very sporty ones (like I wear for Zumba) with thick straps and full flat coverage - no padding, no faux cup shape, no thin straps to hang out. (Showing straps = pet peeve!) They look like a layered tank top when on, and I'm good with that. I praised her smart choice, and that was it. They certainly didn't have cool options like this 30 years ago! :-P But honestly, half the girls in gymnastics & tumble wear *JUST THESE* (no other top) & little shorts to practice. That doesn't fly in this family, #nobaretummies but I caught myself feeling silly for thinking this was any kind of milestone when tons of kids younger than her sport them daily.

She's also been begging me to let her sleep on curlers, so I dug out my old pink foam ones (which are literally about to fall apart :-P) and rolled her hair before bed last night. Her hair is already naturally curly, but she wanted more! She swore they didn't bother her sleeping (they always did me!!! :-D) and bounced out the door like Goldilocks this morning: