Sunday, July 31, 2016

Houston Zoo

Who would've guessed a trip to the zoo in JULY in TEXAS would be utterly LOVELY?!?! Perfect weather, a little distant thunder, & sprinkles right as we finished our last exhibit. We saw all our faves & fed the giraffes with our cheer & football BFF:
It was wonderful to go back for the first time in several years! Next week, we're hitting the art museum with them! #staytuned

Friday, July 29, 2016

Great 38th!

After 37's super quiet arrival last year, I was determined to make 38 GREAT!!! And it *HAS* been!

It even began a day early: the mango chicken skewers Trader Joe's had "for 3 weeks only" in June were surprisingly BACK on Friday! I flipped out, grabbed 5 packs, and the check-out lady GAVE ME ONE FOR FREE for my bday!!! 🎉❤️ #traderjoesloveme Happy day-before-my-birthday to ME! :-P

So how did I spend my ACTUAL bday??? With ALLLLLL these magnificent women, teaching each of them how to be amazing youth cheer coaches!!! :-D
It was perfect: I got to lead, laugh, dance, & jump around all day with happy people = ❤️ (& yes - I absolutely had Sbux chai from JB & Will first thing when I woke up, and bubble tea & bundtinis from my Cheertator BFFs!)

From JB & the kids for my bday: he asked last week if we had anything going on Wednesday night, b/c we had been invited to "a thing". I'm not up for "a thing" involving copious amounts of beer, so I asked what kind of "thing"? He said it will have beer, but it's still kid-friendly, and I'll like it. Hmmmm... When I got home from cheer on my bday night, they filled me in with this sheet first...
And then I was supposed to use the decoder sheet to see the REAL event!
HOW CUTE IS THAT?!?! I had been dying to see "Wicked" & take the kids for AGES!!!!! I was so thrilled to get to do this!!!!
It was an excellent production! We actually had Elphaba's understudy, and her passion was palpable. Sometimes I like getting an understudy, as long as they have the vocal chops, (she did!) b/c they really embrace their moment to shine. It's fresh - not old hat. I didn't know several plot details & loved those little surprises. Annelise can't stop singing "Defying Gravity" (how perfect for my flyer! :-D) and I can't stop "For Good"...

I found out the next day that a girl I did theatre with in college has three friends in this touring production, and had she caught my post, we could have done a backstage tour!!! :-O Ah, well...

My fave, Joyce Meyer, posted this on my bday, too: "The greatest gift that anyone of us has is the present moment; that is the gift that God gives us." What a perfect bday word!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

July Zumba, Volunteering, Rain, & School Supplies

#happybusy #allcheereveryday If it's not my youth rec league I'm running, we're at Annelise's competition cheer gym (where I'm working on rec league registrations, placements, issues, plans, problems, etc. on my phone) ...AND WE LOVE IT!

I'm going to try to catch our family & friends up a little bit here, before heading back out...

Apparently God thought I need a few extra shots of Zumba before I turned 38, b/c I subbed Zumba two Fridays this month! (I hadn't subbed this whole year, I don't think! :-P) After class with a Zumba BFF & our girls:

Another morning with my rec league cheerleaders & families volunteering at Lunches of Love, packing over FOUR THOUSAND lunches for kids who wouldn't otherwise get a meal that day... ‪#‎nochildshouldgohungry

Get this: we are under some kind of horrific rain block!!! This happens ALLLL the time; I was just ticked enough to finally document the proof:
(PS - green isn't actual rain that hits the ground.) We *DID* end up getting some rain this week, but not as much as the surrounding areas. Everyone has decided it's not the area - it's me. :-D

Our annual school supply shopping morning SUCCESS!!!
I never buy the prepackaged lot from school, b/c 1) it's way cheaper on our own, 2) we have the time on a quiet weekday morning to leisurely do it, 3) the kids pick the colors they want, & 4) WE LOVE SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!! We got everything both for kids for $75; Annelise's package via school was $74 alone! :-O

Stay tuned for:
MY BIRTHDAY recap, zoo trip, & Cheer Camp!

Monday, July 18, 2016

1st Half of July

How is July half over?! It's been mountains of cheer work for me and some massive life changes for close friends... I didn't even get to post our 4th of July pics, yet! :-P We had the best family day: we had my Cheertator BFF Angie & her fam meet us at my gym; the kids & dads played soccer & swam, while Angie & I choreographed a new cheer dance in my Zumba studio! We all hot tubbed, got cleaned up, and went to dinner at the Yard House before watching the fireworks:

All my days since have been filled with cheer - placing girls & forming squads, finding new coaches, quelling parent problems, checking hundreds of uniform orders, rewriting the coaching handbook, choreographing our league-wide Cheer Camp dance & new Hello Cheer, planning our Coach Certification Class I teach on my birthday this coming Saturday 7/23, our Coach Stunt Certification Class 7/29, our Cheer Camp 7/30, and finding locations for all three.

Zumba is good, and I was happy to get to sing in church this week - acoustic Sundays are my FAVE! (God really showed up, too, b/c I couldn't hear myself in my mic! :-O)

The kids went to VBS last week ("Submerged") at the same church they've been going to for VBS since the first couple weeks we moved here - this was their 5th summer!!! (We don't go to the VBS at our regular church, b/c it's evening, and we've always got evening activities.) It was Will's last year, *sniff, sniff* and to be honest, I felt a bit disconnected. We didn't get a music CD like we usually do, (I'll find it online & download, but the kids weren't teaching me as the week went on,) and we didn't get to go to their parent presentation night, b/c cheer. They still loved it, and as long as THEY were happily engaged, that's the point!

Pray for my friends... One football friend's son just had a heart transplant!!! One friend's marriage has suffered a gut-wrenching blow, one friend ended a serious relationship, one is seeking therapy for one of her children, and another friend's father suddenly passed away last Monday with a heart attack. Pray God's comfort, ease, healing, & direction over all of them...

One last tid bit before I get back to cheer work... I found out the head of Group Fitness at the gym location closer to where we live (not the fancier one where I teach) - the one who essentially ran me off - was finally FIRED this month!!! :-O I am dying for details. Her instructor turnover was SO HIGH (b/c she ruled through fear & intimidation, not encouragement) or I wonder if corporate finally busted her for inflating participation numbers? Hmmmm... She publically posted on FB that it was such an "injustice" (PS - *WHO* posts PUBLICALLY on FB?!?!) ...but I couldn't help but think instead perhaps justice was finally being meted out...

Monday, July 4, 2016

¡Adiós, Van!

Last weekend, we got off the plane back in Texas...and went to sell my almost-11-year-old van. :-O With JB's new 70-mile-round-trip commute, he got a gas-sipping sporty Focus...and I am now überTexan, full-time driving the F150. ‪#‎littleblondegirlinabigtruck‬ ‪#‎godblesstexas