Basketball & Choir

Will's basketball season did not end well. After starting out 5-0...they lost their last 4 in a row. It was kind of a brutal way to go out, and no, he did not take it very well. At least he was on a team with a few friends...

On the flip side, Will's Tenor/Bass Choir earned STRAIGHT 1's at their UIL Contest this week! It's super rare to get straight 1's onstage AND in the sight-reading room. They have come so far since their Fall Concert. Their performance Monday night for all of the parents & families was really impressive, and it takes a lot to move me when it comes to grade school choral standards. Their sight-reading using their solf├Ęge blows me away...


  1. The boys look so nice all dressed up for choir! We've had fine arts competition season here, and my girls have big events coming up on Thursday and Friday. I'm nervous for them, but I'm sure they'll handle it all fine! ;)

    1. Praying for your girls tonight and tomorrow, as they perform!


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