Annelise's last regular cheer competition this season was March 26th in Galveston. She wrote a few notes like this "to help inspire everyone" - be still, my heart... ❤

Her first team (the youth 1 she's doubling on) that day, Power, became Cheer America NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!! :-O :-D They truly earned it - they beat 5 other teams in their division, (actually 11, b/c the division was split in two, since there were over 10 teams total, and they were officially the best of BOTH!)

Her first National Champion jacket!
As soon as we snapped a pic, she was off to warm up with her senior team, Extreme!!! Fingers crossed it could be a DOUBLE championship day...

AND IT WAS!!! EXTREME = SENIOR 1 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS, TOO!!!!!!!! Annelise brought TWO NATIONAL TITLES home in ONE DAY!!! Incredible!!!!!!!!

My heart is still fluttering when I look at these pictures of Annelise & her other Extreme teammate who doubled with her on Power:
I'm bowled over at all of the extra work these two have done the last couple months, double teaming on TWO all-star cheer teams at the same time through Nationals season. Twice the practices 4 days a week, twice the conditioning & training, double practices for 6 hours every Sunday, twice the amount of time preparing & getting ready to compete… And Annelise has THRIVED on every second! Even when she's so tired, she passed out in the car on the short rides home, she *never once* thought it was too much. I'm so thankful her coaches saw her drive and trusted her with this honor. #commitment

Stay tuned for her banquet & next season's tryouts - yes, already!!!


  1. Congratulations!!! All that hard work certainly paid off :) Looks like this has been such a rewarding season for Annelise and the whole family!


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