Season-End Banquet + New Season Tryouts = 2 Days in a Row

Annelise won the Leadership Award at her end-of-season competition cheer banquet last Friday! BURSTING WITH PRIDE!!! It's a *really* big deal!!! "For always giving 100% and never giving up"
And we're so blessed to have made such quality friends through this year. ❤

The VERY NEXT evening, (after doing rec cheer registration with me all day!) Annelise rocked her 2nd year all-star tryout! #nobreak #wedontstop #cheerlife

1) Standard smile:
2) "Gurrrrrl!" ❤ #werk

She tried out for the next level up, level 2, AND SHE MADE IT!!! She'll do this level 2 practice group for the next ~2 months. The practice groups are where they see what new skills the athletes can pick up, who works well together, etc. The practice groups are formed with potential teams in mind, but there's still movement. Since she made a level 2 practice group, she'll be working on harder skills the next 2 months, and they could put her on a level 2 team when those are finalized for the year in June.

Also, for the next month & a week, she'll *STILL* be double teaming!!! She has her level 2 practice group; and then the younger team she was helping, Power, got a paid bid to a prestigious, invite-only postseason competition in Dallas May 12-14, so she still has Power practice through then, as well!!! We seriously breathe cheer these days...and we loooove it!!!


  1. Wow - congratulations to Annelise on her award - and for making level 2!! So much fun to follow her progress!

  2. Thank you so much!!! It's already been an intense first week working with the level 2 group. She got really sick Sunday, so that didn't make it easier, but she's on the mend & hasn't skipped a practice! Pray for stamina, health, & solid attainment of these new skills!


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