Spring Fitness

It was an honor to teach along with my fellow instructors at the Vibe Fitness 1 Year/Re-Grand Opening Party a few weeks ago:
Our new studio space is HUGE & gorgeous!!!

Check out my first time seriously trying eight-angle pose:
I still can't believe I did this! Feeling STRONG!

I've had some barbell blessings the last couple weeks: last week, I rushed in almost late, and the lady beside me set up my weight bar while I got my bench! She even knew how heavy, (I use a relatively ridiculous amount for squats in this class :-P) What a kindness, so I could start on time! I was last minute, again, this week (Annelise was home sick with a one-day bug, so I almost didn't go, but she told me to.) The class was pretty full...but there was one free bench set up, miraculously in my "usual" spot! It was a sub, too, and she was very different, in a great way - she challenged me even heavier than usual, esp on back! Still sore... :-D


  1. Look at you, doing that eight-angle pose!! I'm impressed!!!

    I like the new blog look, too!

  2. I still can't believe I did that pose, either! It was just for a few seconds, but still. :-)
    I hope the new blog look is easy to read - I've NEVER updated the look before! Not since I started almost 8 years ago! :-O


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