Unicorn Frap

Yes, we - the girls who love every hue of purple & sparkles & frou frou drinks - finally split a unicorn frap. They sold out most places here on Thursday; I got this one Saturday at the Target Sbux. (I'm pretty sure they only still had them, b/c you can't mobile preorder there.)

My initial instincts were correct: it's pretty, but doesn't come ANYWHERE near bubble tea. A taro smoothie is even prettier purple & tastes so much better! #curiositysatisfied #oneanddone

Everyone in the world who is interested in this should also have a taro smoothie or taro cream tea and then tell me their preference. (One is fruity, one is not, but I'm fairly certain no one is obsessed with the unicorn b/c it's fruity. :-P :-D) Sticking to my venti 7-pump no-water chai at Sbux...


  1. My girls were interested in the Unicorn Frappe, but we didn't make it to Starbucks in time to get one. I appreciate your review of it!!


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