First Week of Summer: Baking, Schedules, Funeral

Our requisite school break kick-off housecleaning & closets clean-out was a success, and we even dropped off all of our donation bags Monday afternoon! (Can you believe that?! Donation bags always usually live on a chair for two or three months after you collect them. :-D)

Annelise wanted to start her summer by baking. Heaven, help me! She's *good* & my belly CANNOT resist!!! Cue the extra gym time...which is actually where I'm typing this post, b/c: BAKING!!! She wanted to make something she's never made before, and she wanted to do it right then, so she had to make whatever she could with the ingredients already in the kitchen. This girl busted out THE most delicious homemade pie crust I've ever had in my life, b/c we had flour, water, salt, & butter. I hate pie crust – I always eat out the filling of pies and leave the crust, because I think it's gross. It always has this funky tinge to it – blame Crisco? but apparently since she used all butter, hers didn't have any funkiness whatsoever. It was pure deliciousness. She also didn't make a big, crusty top edge to get all burnt, so that made it even better. Did I mention I had no idea she was doing any of this until it was completely done? I was upstairs practicing teaching PiYo; she was in the kitchen actually making pie, yo! :-D She got this recipe online, made the dough, chilled it, rolled out half, saved the other half for the next day, and made an egg custard pie (minus food coloring & store-bought crust ;-)) w/o asking my opinion - it was just the only pie we had all the ingredients ready for in the house. SOOOO YUMMY!!!!! (One of my ultimate faves!) And no, I didn't think to take any pictures as I was shoving it in my face. :-P The only questionable choice was that she also made seven-minute icing to top the pie, but hey - live & learn. :-D (I scraped it off. She ate it.)

The next day, she couldn't contain herself with the other half of that pie dough just chilling, so she made a strawberry mango fruit tart.

Y'all, this is the most wonderful & awful thing ever. I don't know how much more I can possibly work out!!!!!

So, yes - I was practicing PiYo: I'm starting to teach a new PiYo class at the small boutique gym (where I teach Zumba on Tuesdays) right here in town on Mondays at 6 PM. Yeah, an evening class. I said I wouldn't teach nights or weekends again after we left Georgia, b/c I didn't want to miss any of my kids' activities...but we know that Annelise will have cheer now Sun/T/W/Th until next April, and we know Will's football games will be on Tuesdays this fall, so I felt ok committing to Monday evenings for now. The owner of this gym is very easy to work with & open to easily changing things, if need be - very low pressure! So I'm thankful & excited to officially be teaching PiYo now along with Zumba!!! PiYo last Monday:

More gym changes: so unlike my local boutique gym, the fancy corporate one I teach at in the city is...challenging when it comes to schedule changes. I won't rehash last September - suffice it to say that no one except for the instructor I was switched for was happy with that schedule change, and it's taken nine months & her leaving for the summer (they're expats & go back to their home country each summer) for me to get my original M/W days back. Will I be able to keep them come Sept? Who knows. I'm trying not to care. While my class participation numbers definitely suffered with having my two classes there back to back on W/Th, I *did* enjoy Sunday nights, knowing I had every Monday off! :-D Now in one week, my Mondays have gone from free to double teaching: Zumba at fancy city corporate at 10:45 AM & PiYo at local boutique at 6 PM. Then I have Zumba back at local Tuesday mornings & Wednesdays at fancy. I'm endeavoring to remove all of my personal feelings from scheduling and just concentrate on blessing the people who show up to my classes. I always pray that God will bring the people He needs to be there to my classes & that He'll use me to fill them with health, joy, strength, & His love. That's the whole point for me. ❤️

Speaking of being filled with God's love: Will & I spent Tuesday evening at a funeral at Will's request. His BFF's grandfather passed away Saturday, and when I saw on FB that the memorial service was Tuesday night, he said we're going. He just wanted to be there for his bud; he even dressed nicer for this than for his school awards ceremonies. Will makes my heart full with his love & consideration of others. I love the person he is...


  1. I can't wait for my daughters to start baking like that -- although it will mean more time on the treadmill for sure!

  2. So love to read about Will's tender heart!! And as for all that baking, my younger daughter is the same way! She loves sweets, and is such a good baker!! Also, she recently saw a PiYo commercial on tv, and I know that if we lived anywhere near where you're teaching, she would be at your class in a heartbeat!!! :)


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