North Carolina BFFs

The most precious thing to me about going to NC is getting the time to connect with my friends. My mom lives on FB daily, and she also gets to come here multiple times a year; I even text with my brother more often than I actually get to connect with my two grade school BFFs. One is only on FB at a very surface level, and the other isn't at all. One has gone through some traumatic life events this year that I knew no details about; the other & I began sharing a huge new family thing in common this year that I was so ecstatic to get to connect with her & her family over. I get such a short few hours with them each year. It's in these few hours that we completely catch up like no time has passed - through 3 weddings, 5 kids, 1 divorce, my 9 moves since we graduated, countless jobs - it's these two friends who have always made this annual connection time a high priority.

Watching our kids grow together with us every single year is the biggest blessing!!!

And even getting to share my biggest personal interest (health & fitness) with my BFF, Wendy, was such a welcome bright spot and truly an incredible, much needed release:


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