39 Shine

The last two weeks were my annual youth cheer whirlwind, (more on that next post) so I'm late in sharing my bday rewind: I turned 39 two weeks ago! YAAAAY! I lovelovelove my bday. It was nice - lots of little acknowledgments that I really appreciated.

We kicked off my bday weekend with an exquisite adult friend dinner, s'mores pie, & bananas foster bread pudding at my one of my absolute faves - Anthonie's:
How wonderful is the card my BFF, Dalyce, made?!

We went to Alamo Drafthouse on my actual bday, b/c WWII movies are my *FAVE*, so get this: Annelise took it upon herself to get me, JB, & Will tickets to see "Dunkirk" while she had allstar cheer choreo camp 9-3 that day! How thoughtful was that?!?!?! And of course bubble tea after!

JB's parents sent the most lovely scented candle named for the area JB & I met and went to college. ❤️ My competition cheer mom friends met me for lunch. So many precious little acknowledgements made me feel treasured, and isn't that what we all long for?


  1. Happy belated birthday!!! ;) So glad you were celebrated well!!


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