A Big One: Will's 13th Bday

Will turned 13 last weekend! 13 isn't scary here. Will has impeccable manners. He's still incredibly kind & sensitive. He's in a good place socially - not in the "popular" (i.e. mean kids) group, but not a loner; on the football team, but not a high-pressure superstar; has several good friends with involved parents; a third-year choir student (rare for a boy - maybe 10 out of almost 600 kids in his grade?) who still loves sports; has asked me about talking respectfully to girls (so it's on his radar) but still hasn't in real life; has been mildly picked on in school (e.g. for his shoe choice one time) so he knows what it feels like, but nothing truly devastating. I feel like he is an incredibly balanced kid. We definitely deal with moodiness & managing expectations - he always wants to know "what the plan is" throughout the day - but if moody attitude is our biggest issue? We are blessed!

He is the most trustworthy kid I have ever known. Because of his extreme honesty, I feel safe trusting him with a large level of independence. That is the word I would use to describe him this year: independent. I've had to be away with Annelise at cheer stuff for hours & hours more than ever before, and he has relished finally not always being dragged with. The only facet of his life I wish we could cut back on is Xbox & phone play!!! :-D

He chose to have a small-number-of-friends party for the first time in his life this year. (He could never really do it before when he was in youth football, since practices had already begun by this week, and he never wanted to leave anyone out.) It was just Will & three school friends, so they got to do HUGE things: go karts, arcade games, pool, sleepover here, JB's huge breakfast, & Xbox the entire next day. (& I mean *entire* day - until 8 PM!)

(Will let Annelise come to the go kart portion, and she got to race in the Juniors, while the four boys raced together in the adult races. Her hair flying out of the back of the helmet as she smoked all of the boys in her races was EVERYTHING! :-D)


  1. Happy, happy 13th birthday to Will!!!! He sounds like such a great kid!


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