Early August Bullets

•What a gift!!! My yoga friend captured this beautiful pic of me & Annelise loving savasana together at her yoga after my PiYo without either of us knowing...

I'm *amazed* at how much deeper I can go in my friend's yoga class & how much more effective all of the poses are for my body AFTER teaching my PiYo class first, right beforehand!

Wall of Warrior 3s - PiYo power!

•Bubble tea angel!

•Our annual school supply shopping scavenger hunt completed! With both in junior high this year (6th & 8th) it's sooo much *less* stuff! (School starts here 8/16)

"The Great British Bake Off" is my & Annelise's FAVORITE SHOW!!! We've watched all four seasons broadcast in the US on PBS! Gutted it's over... [Yes, we will still watch, if they broadcast the next one from BBC 4 with only Paul & no Mary, Mel, or Sue. We can't imagine it without them, though!!! :'(]

•My friend, Nikki, mentioned watermelon cutting this summer. When I was little, I *hated* all melon: watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe - it was musky & gross. Now I LOVE it!!! (Yay for positive taste bud change! :-D) I don't have any amazing, personal, not-already-on-Pinterest cutting tips, though. I never got into buying watermelons, b/c I didn't want to deal with the big, watery, sugary mess of cutting; but now the kids are responsible enough to be trusted with the task, so I buy, they chop it up all crazy, clean up, and I eat! #winning

•When your truck battery dies at sunset after a random cheer practice on the other side of town, when you just went to help coach... (sidebar: worth it, squad was great!)
You & your husband can't jump it after trying for 45 minutes, so at 9 PM, you lock, leave, & pray no one touches it. Then your amazing boss has to give you a ride to work, b/c your husband had to go in at 5:30 AM. Thankful for the healing power of quality friends, teaching my PiYo practice, the perfect opportunity to stay for aerial yoga, my favorite bubble tea within walking distance from my PiYo gym while I waited for JB, the fact that he was in town & not traveling, that it wasn't raining that night or the following day, for an easy battery replacement... and for the same thing *NOT* happening, again, the next time I went to help another squad! :-D


  1. Some really cute pictures - and so glad all worked out well in spite of your truck battery dying!!


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