Opening Ceremonies + Anthem Singer

Another year running our youth football Opening Ceremonies in the books last weekend: 2,000 kids + 5,000 friends & family! I didn't forget the words singing the National Anthem, our cheerleaders sounded incredible all together on our new Hello Cheer, our dance was great, and I got to spend time with my precious BFFs on my Cheer Committee:

I was sooo honored to sing the National Anthem for the event, again, and super thankful for this *BLUSH-INDUCING* video! I can't press play without squinching up into an excited/humbled beaming grin. Thankful to be trusted with this...

(The *ONLY* scary part of singing there to me is the crazy, old-school delay on the sound system: whatever comes out of your mouth doesn't come through the booming stadium sound system until half a second later; you constantly sound behind, so you can't listen to yourself, or else you'll keep randomly stopping & starting. I have to put ear plugs in, so I won't focus on the unnerving delay, barrel through, freight train-style, & pray God makes it sound ok!!! :-D It's literally *THE* hardest place I've ever sung. That's also why I was so thankful for this video! No one videoed it last year, so I have no idea what it actually sounded like; but getting to hear it this year for the first time is a total treat & actually a relief! :-D)

We also got two awesome videos of the girls doing the 2017 Hello Cheer:

And the 2017 Cheer Camp & Opening Ceremonies Dance:

Really proud of everyone's hard work and effort, especially on such a scorching hot, 110°F heat index day! :-D


  1. What a great day for you and the squads!!! How rewarding for you and all the participants to see their hard work pay off!


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