Eclipse & Charlottesville: Things I Wanted to Share Pre-Harvey

I wanted to share these things in the few days before Harvey swept through, but life... and then they seemed so out-of-place in light of our all-encompassing disaster. Just rewind & pretend it's August:

Do y'all remember the August 21st eclipse?!?! That was supposed to be the biggest phenomenon of the week in the sky. Yeah, Texas didn't get that memo...

Our totality was about 70%. Look way up at the blue crescent eclipse reflection on the top edge of the clouds:

Closer blue crescent eclipse reflection:

Mini eclipses reflected on the walkway through a colander:

"How Charlottesville Looks from Berlin"
(click to read)

I'm a white southerner with a BA in German + International Studies concentration, who lived in Germany & attended Universität Würzburg. I've spent years in Holocaust studies, solemnly visited concentration camps, and wondered what old men riding the bus or Straßenbahn with me did during the war. Two of my worlds collide in this article...and Germany is handling their past shame better than we are. "Germany certainly has not forgotten anything: There's just a recognition that remembering and memorializing are two different things."

Sharing for posterity.