PiYo/Zumba Update

I was so honored to teach a special PiYo event to a fitness group called Texas Fit Chicks right before Harvey struck! LOVE sharing my PiYo passion - it's such dynamic, powerful strength & flexibility training, without jerking your joints:

I am really feeling a pull towards more PiYo & less Zumba. I've been teaching Zumba for almost 6 years, and when I get into it, I *do* still truly love it...but I will be honest & say that the pressure to boost those classes really stresses me out. The group fitness industry as a whole is experiencing a large shift away from cardio training towards strength training. Cycle feels like the sole "popular" group fitness cardio these days. I get it - Zumba is literally the only exclusive cardio I do; everything else I choose on my own is weight training & yoga. I understand why the participation numbers are lowering, b/c I want less of it, too.

I don't *EVER* want to give up dancing!!! But maybe dropping down to one Zumba class at the fancy gym in the city (just Wednesdays now) is for the best. I love my precious devotees there, and I don't want to lose those personal connections or my free reciprocal membership at the location right by our house...but I do not enjoy nor feel supported by the management. The facility & members are amazing, but yeah... Being there less often I think will be a blessing. I'll be able to throw myself 100% into Wednesdays, instead of splitting my numbers b/t two days.
(My ponytail getting tangled & trapped in my mic pack after teaching is kind of the perfect metaphor for how I've felt there. :-P :-D)

I feel like PiYo is the perfect blend of everything I want: strength training using my own bodyweight, endurance, and flexibility. I'm praying about it, but I may look into trying to expand my PiYo offerings... (The fancy gym in the city will not put PiYo on their schedule, because it's not their "signature" brand. Zumba is one of the only things they will offer that isn't...but that's also why it gets such low priority, as well.) I don't think I can teach any more PiYo classes at my cute little local boutique gym where I teach it on Monday nights, because we already have two PiYo instructors (the other is my BFF who got me into it! I would never railroad her!!! esp. b/c I have been railroaded hard core at the fancy gym, & I know how awful it feels!!!) but I might start looking for something additional. Not that right now post-disaster is very good timing... Praying...

I'm thankful for this new perspective God has given me – I am usually the first one to mourn any type of change; I don't like letting go of something that feels like it isn't working - I want it fixed, instead! But trends ebb & flow, and instead of stressing over all the old, I'm excited to shift focus to the new, while still getting to hold onto a better, smaller portion of before.


  1. PiYo does look like a lot of fun - though hard work, too, I know!! Trusting that God will give you direction in this area!

  2. Looks like a neat change coming into your life!


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