8th Grade Football, Weeks 2 & 3

8th grade football update: Will is on C team this year, (there are so many kids who play football here that they have to make 3 full teams for each grade! Texas, y'all! ;-)) but our school's 8C team is UNDEFEATED, while 8A is 0-3 and 8B is 0-2-1. Seems like he is definitely on the right team! :-D

Last week (9/26) our Bears won 8-0. Will played both ways (center & nose guard) for well over half the game, and he had 4 tackles. His voice on the field was clear & constant: "LET'S GO!!!" (I can't imagine where on earth he gets that from, being the team's loudmouth motivator!? :-P)

This week (10/3) our Bears won a nailbiter in the last 40 seconds, 8-6! (In junior high here, you get 2 points for successfully kicking after a TD, or just 1 point for running the ball in.) We scored & kicked successfully in the first half. The other team scored with 40 seconds to go in the whole game; the entire stadium was so into this make-or-break play: the other team lined up to kick for the tie… But they fumbled the snap, and we fell on it. We went wild! An unnamed Bear who may or may not live in our house may have shouted, "Thank you, Jesus!" loud enough for the entire stadium to hear. :-D Hey, in ALL things give thanks, right?! ❤️ I'll take him praying without ceasing all day long, even on the football field. (Yes, it was 100% heartfelt, so not in vain. The family behind me said, "Amen!" :-D)

He didn't play as much this week, b/c he was a little sick & missed 2 practices the end of last week (for the 1st time in years! He doesn't even have a proair inhaler, anymore, b/c his pediatrician took it off his chart at his well-check last month, b/c it had been so long since he had had any wheezing with sickness.) It was only a few days, and he's back to 100% now, so praying for continued health & more action next week!

Warming up at center:

First to thank the refs, again:


  1. Glad the season is going well!! (I appreciate you adding the arrows to the pics to point him out ;)


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