Fall Life Bullets

So much to share from the last few weeks!!! Resorting to bullets:

* Happy fall, y’all!

* We’ve definitely been under attack from the enemy - JB’s work, our water, our gas, directv, our bank, our dog, kids’ grades, and even our disposal died. I share this for two reasons: 1) people usually only post happy stuff, and that’s not a completely honest view of life. 2) Galatians 6:2. Y’all, I’m thinking God must have something amazing ahead of us, for all this...

* When my mom came to visit, we did another food-focused Houston tour: South African, Texas barbecue, New York deli, Neapolitan pizza, and - of course - bubble tea!!! With JB working & Annelise at Tweens Read all one day, Will & I took my mom to the Houston Zoo - we fed giraffes and really enjoyed the sea lion & Zoo Boo décor!
She & I also hit up the Oscar de la Renta fashion exhibit at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston = EXQUISITE!!! Fabrics to dye ;-) for! I still got to teach PiYo & Zumba, and my mom finally got to see Will play a junior high football game! (Dedicated football post coming!!! It’s worth the wait... ;-))

* I’ve been having fun at other fitness classes, beyond my own. You have to stay engaged, intrigued, & well-rounded!

* We got to share a surprise bday dinner with a BFF:

* I got to sing in church Sunday and ended up dueting with another BFF. I lovelovelove tight girl harmonies!!! (We also like to play with her phone filters during early morning rehearsal! ;-))

* I was honored to teach a special holiday dance party event Monday night! (Dedicated party post coming, too!!! I had one & so did Annelise’s cheer team.)

* I am SOOO THANKFUL for the JOY & EXCITEMENT the Astros have infused into our home & town!!! #earnedhistory

* I was also THANKFUL (it’s November, y’all - time for the flood of daily thankfuls on social media :-)) to get to chaperone Annelise’s 6th grade choir to see the high school show choir’s Broadway revue and that my girl wanted to snuggle! ❤️

Stay tuned for our party fun & final football roundup! Coming up for us: Will’s basketball tryouts & Annelise’s next cheer competition. Help pray us through, as we refuse to let the enemy steal our joy, and we anxiously await God’s next big move! (*NOT* a location move!!! :-D A sustaining move!!!)


  1. Wow - you've certainly had a lot going on lately!! So appreciate your testimony of an upbeat attitude in spite of trials! I've recently started Priscilla Shirer's Bible study The Armor of God, and am becoming more aware of the enemy's attacks in our lives - and it sounds like he's been hard at work there! Trusting that God will continue to give y'all grace and strength - and many blessings in the days to come!!!

    1. Thank you so much! Standing strong in agreement together!!!


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