Not-Our-Typical Halloween & Parties

We had two big Halloween party events in the last week. Annelise’s cheer team, Heat, got together to bond, play games, & enjoy getting to hang out a bit off the mats. The games were hilarious: eating doughnuts strung up above their heads without using their hands; using chopsticks to transfer candy corn from one pumpkin bucket to another; and wrapping a teammate in toilet paper like a mummy & racing across the yard! :-D

Monday night, I got to teach at my little local gym’s Spooktacular Dance Party! I was excited to get to dress up myself, (my cat dress is my jazz dance recital costume from high school in 1994, y’all!!!!! :-O And YES: I look better in it NOW!!!!! :-D) and that Annelise came with. ❤️

The actual evening of Halloween was so different for us this year. It’s always been one of my most favorite holidays (dressing up + treats!!!) but for the first time since their births, I didn’t go trick-or-treating with either of my children. :-O Annelise went on with our cheer BFFs, b/c Will had his final junior high football game, (awesome details coming in next post!) It was also POURING buckets of rain!!! (People joked that Houston was going as Harvey for Halloween!) By the time his game was over & we got home, there was literally 20 minutes until the Astros game began - and it was made abundantly clear throughout our area that trick-or-treating needed to be done this year by 7:20 PM, b/c no one wanted to leave their TV screens for trick-or-treaters. :-D Will asked if he could quick run around to a few houses close by, and I said sure, since he was staying on our street, and I didn’t want to go back out in the deluge after surviving football. He threw on some old football pads, and within 15 minutes, he had as much candy as he’s gotten in years past trick-or-treating for an hour!!! Annelise had a blast with our friends, so both children had completely successful & fulfilling trick-or-treat experiences, despite the nasty weather and sports intrusions. :-P


  1. How darling is that cat costume!!! You look great! Glad everyone got their candy quota for the year ;)


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