The End of Junior High Football

I can’t believe his junior high football career is over... My heart...

After a little rough patch, Will’s 8th grade Bears went out strong: 5-2 overall, (& truly 5-1-1, b/c both sides acknowledged the ref blew the call on our last minute TD they wrongly called back 10/17.) Our Bears won a blowout Tuesday 10/24, 30-0. Will & his teammates were ticked that it wasn’t 38-0, b/c they stripped the ball with MRJH backed waaay up; Will scooped it up & ran into the end zone for a TD...but the ref blew the whistle too fast. :-( #thatslife
(I love our coach’s arms: “How could you, ref?!?!”) Will *did* cause another fumble & had 3 solid tackles, so it WAS a great night!

Every game day this season, I’ve gotten to go serve Will & his teammates their pregame meal. I only planned to do it once or twice, but Will *asked* me to come every week! (An 8th grade boy not only allowing, but requesting my presence at school in front of his friends!? Absolutely!) It’s been a simple honor, and I’m really sad this Tuesday was the last day... But what a way to go out!!! The boys are required to wear dress clothes on game days, so Will wore his David S Pumpkins suit for game day attire!!! (The school sent home notes that no costumes were allowed on Halloween day, so I made Will pack some khakis, in case he got dress coded! But since it was a full, legit suit, they let him wear it all day!!!) With some teammates & coaches:

Apparently, it was a lucky charm! :-D They got a big, final-game-of-the-season, Halloween night win, 24-8 over Tays in the *pouring* rain. Favorite play: Will’s buddy, Trey, knocked the ball out of Tays’ QB’s hand; Will scooped up the fumble & ran for us! I can’t believe I got it on video!!!


  1. What a great night for your son! How do you feel about it being his last game in junior high? Bitter sweet?

    1. To be honest, totally sad!!! I know there are always better, new experiences ahead...but I loooooove watching him play football more than anything else he has done!

  2. Wow - hard to believe the season is over!!! Glad they went out with a win! Enjoyed that video ;)


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