Galveston Cheer Power

Spectacular sports weekend Jan 6-7 for the Blake kids!!! Will won his 1st basketball game of the season 31-11, with 4 points, 4 steals, 6 rebounds, & 4 assists. Annelise’s L2 Senior cheer team, Heat, hit zero & SLAYED at their Galveston mini nationals. The competition was fierce, though: there were NINE teams in our division, and only two had something go wrong Day 1. Everyone was clean & tight. I’ve never seen so many teams in one division all hit zero (zero deductions for falls or stumbles.)

Thankful: easiest drive ever to Galveston (God bless quiet travel times! #iHATEdriving), singing Hamilton & drinking bubble tea the whole way in, miraculous free parking spots, seeing lots of friends’ teams, our gym being in the better expo room where parents go right up front for their team’s performance, the most comfortable seats of any comp we’ve ever attended, and getting done on Day 1 in time to go take beach pics in front of our hotel:

Post-performance, pre-awards fuel Day 2...

Friendships enjoyed and more medals & “Club Zero” tags procured!

What a different cheer season from last year... Our medals mean SO MUCH MORE!!! Last year, every competition minus NCA, we were 1st place & one 2nd b/c there was only ONE other team against us. That’s not true competition! This year, we’ve had six to mostly *NINE* TEAMS in our division every comp!!! We’ve medaled EVERY time, and that’s ACTUALLY meaningful!!!


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