High School Night & Stunning Stunt

Thursday night, we had *high school* parent info night for Will, while Annelise had flyers class & team practice at the cheer gym. High school info night... I was dreading it. Junior high info night three years ago was so pressure-filled; I couldn’t imagine how much worse high school would be. PRAISE GOD: it wasn’t!!! I actually feel very much at ease about his course selections at this point. (Yes, “course selections” - high school is now like college was for us, complete with choosing an “endorsement” = a major, like STEM, Arts & Humanities, Public Service, Business & Industry, etc.)

Towards the end, I got a text from one of my cheer mom BFFs: “Watch your little nugget!”


It took another minute for the attachment to come through. I figured it was just something cute that the girls made up together. Then I guessed it was a video of Annelise doing her tuck on the floor, because even though afterwards she told me that she has had this skill for a few weeks, the day before was the first time I had ever seen her do her running round off back handspring tuck without a spot, and I freaked out. I asked her if I could video it, so I assumed she had my friend video it for me when I wasn’t there. I was wrong:

Oh. My. Gosh. (Click here, if you can’t see the embedded video.)

I think I audibly gasped in the auditorium. :-D I tapped JB to look at my phone, and he did the same!

Y’all, I literally can’t stop watching this. I just watch the loop over and over and over… I can’t even tell y’all how much she loves flying…but I guess I don’t have to, because you can clearly see it right here! This is her PASSION!!! She told me the next morning that she couldn’t stop thinking about it all night long. Watching your kids fly to new heights (literally! :-D) is a parent’s dream come true!

(Her one coach has his face covered, b/c he was sick earlier in the week & just wanted to make sure he wasn’t sharing anything other than skills! :-P Half our cheer gym - including *me* late afternoon Wed to Thurs! - got hit with it after competition last weekend! I’m pretty sure I slayed whatever it was with phở, OnGuard essential oil, ginger bubble tea, & my own tumeric latte concoction, (plus a few Advil. ;-)) And I didn’t go work out Thurs, either, in favor of the couch = sooo not weekday normal for me!!!)

So Thursday night was a success across the board for both kids’ futures! :-D


  1. Wow - high school for Will!!! Incredible!

    And that stunt by Annelise was amazing!!!! I'm going to show my cheer daughter ~ we'll both be impressed!


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