New Year’s Eve

I'm not a big resolutions gal. I do like to reflect on the ways in which God has grown me through new experiences, changed my expectations, brought me through rough patches, and led me to new horizons... but publicly sharing “resolutions” isn’t my thing. For someone who so openly shares so much of my life, I feel compelled to keep those to myself, b/c otherwise, they become a straight up public competition for myself: how fast can I achieve all these!?!?! (Unless, of course, I need help in motivating myself to quicker success in a certain area! :-D) It turns more into showing off then bettering myself. #notthepoint

After scrapbooking all day Dec 31st, I took a break, so we could have a sweet New Year’s Eve with our cheer BFFs:

They’re Canadian, so they shared extra protection to shoot off fireworks during our cold snap. ;-)

The fireworks were the most impressive home/front yard ones we’ve ever done!

Super festive & fun!

(PS- since Blogger fixed the pic posting problem, if you missed my Lilly finds or Annelise’s homemade English muffins, go back here!)


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on resolutions! Sadly, I can see how I could turn them into a way of showing off as well, so I appreciate you pointing out that pitfall!

    Looks like a fun New Years celebration!!


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