March Musings

Most of March has felt like a quiet holding pattern for us, after February’s exciting drama of JB’s new job, NCA, & Will’s basketball victories. Our school system had Spring Break 3/10-18, but we stayed home.

I threw myself into subbing a few extra fitness classes to combat jealousy over friends’ amazing trips. :-P (Seriously, 3 of our BFFs & their whole families went to Mexico together at the last minute. (It’s only 5 hours away, & 1 of our BFFs is actually from Monterrey, México.) Obviously so happy for them to get to have those beautiful experiences together...but dying over the fact that international travel is one of my biggest passions in life, and to share with close, native friends?! I confess I’m still praying to get 100% past it, so I can be ready for God to orchestrate our turn. I already told our native BFF to be ready for me next trip! :-D)

My mom visited, and - as always! - we ate all the fabulous things: Flip ’n Patties (delectable Filipino/burger fusion), La Argentina (best pistachio gelato on earth!), Delices De Maurice (French bakery café), Mala Sichuan Bistro (JB’s fave authentic Chinese in Chinatown), Peli Peli (my mom’s & JB’s favorite here; South African food). Unexpected but true: probably our biggest rave was a thousand-layer crêpe cake slice for dessert at the Sichuan restaurant in Chinatown!

With Will at Flip ’n Patties:

We got our nails done,
and I tried the new dip powder style, because it’s something I can’t/won’t do on my own at home. I got chrome finish on them (pink/green mermaid chrome with holographic silver on the accent nails - no photo can do dynamic metallic justice!) and I couldn’t be more in love! Day 1 outside & Day 8 inside:
I might have to break down and find chrome to do at home...although I so rarely do my nails at all anymore. I used to keep Gelish on them, because it helped them grow so long & strong without breaking. My lifestyle is so much healthier now, though, that they grow long & amazingly strong on their own; plus, removing polish feels beyond tedious, and I even like keeping my nails super short these days, because it’s easier when lifting weights! #priorities

Annelise took this pic of me about to sing this last Sunday morning. Made me feel cool. :-)

Loooving the gorgeous spring we’ve been blessed with the last month. I’ll take pollen over cold any day!!! Green everywhere makes my heart warm. #godblesstexas

Obsessed with the latest Hamildrop: “Found Tonight”:

A song from “Hamilton” and another from “Dear Evan Hansen” fused together by their originators to make one incredibly moving, beautiful, powerful piece! #nonstoprepeat

Also obsessed with baking healthier brownies made with black beans. Yes, you read that correctly. And they are DELICIOUS! Dedicated post coming...

On the horizon: the last regular cheer competition of the season is this Sat & Sun. Pray for a positive bounce back after NCA!


  1. Oh, my, that cake looks unbelievably delicious!!! I do hope that an international trip will be in your very near future! I totally understand that love of travel. And definitely praying for a great cheer competition this weekend!!!


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