Will’s basketball team finished this weekend with an UNDEFEATED SEASON!!! HIGHEST TOURNAMENT BRACKET CHAMPIONS!!! Their overall stats were insane: 324 points scored, 148 points allowed, +176 point differential = :-O So proud of Will & this team of waitlisted kids, cobbled together 3 weeks after everyone else had already begun practicing!

I keep thinking back to how devastated we were in November when we found out he was waitlisted instead of being placed on his team from last year; he had organized all of those kids to register back together, and the coach – one of his best friends’ moms – had only agreed to come back & coach again this year, because Will had organized the kids. I couldn’t possibly imagine what “better” plan God could have in store for him than playing with his friends on that team he put together.

We were in limbo for 3 full weeks, while everyone else began practicing. My heart ached for him - no one wants their kid to be left out. The league didn’t have a coach to assign to any waitlisted kids, so another friend of ours - from our old Falcons youth football team!!! - who was also waitlisted, contacted the local select league to ask if one of their coaches would volunteer to coach our rec kids. We ended up with a professional coach & reunited with a former Falcons family!!! Two other waitlisted kids ending up on our team also go to Will’s school. Whoa, did God work it out for our best!

Last week’s championship tournament consisted of 3 rounds; we had a bye for the first, since we were the top seed. The second round was on Wednesday...against Will’s old team! The team he should have been on!!! :-O This was the very first close game they had: 29-23. It was a game against friends, so to have it be so tight was positive = worthy opponents. :-) (But you better BELIEVE we were proud to WIN!!! Esp walking out of the gym with them! ;-))

The final was on Saturday against the one other completely undefeated team in the league. They were...not as nice to play against as Wednesday’s friends, and it was another close one: 41-35, but we prevailed! We parents had the *most* fun doing the “defense” stomp on the old school wooden bleachers in that particular gym. I loooove getting to use my cheer spirit!!!!!!!! :-D

Savoring this, and wanting Will to realize how RARE an undefeated season in *anything* is!


  1. Wow - Congrats to Will and his team!!! God is so good to show us that His will is better than our plans. Gives me faith to continue to trust Him the next time "my plans" don't work out the way I want them to!


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