Annelise’s 12th Birthday

12 years old. Annelise has elevated her baking game this year, esp. yeasted breads & macarons; she still wants to have her own bakery one day. Obviously, she grew as a cheerleader - earning a Summit bid with her team, solidifying her back tuck, working on her layout, & not only making her highly-competitive 7th grade school cheer squad, but also finding out *ON HER ACTUAL BDAY* that she’s leveling up to Level 3 for next allstar competition season! She’s obsessed with Hamilton (revealed our tickets for THIS WED as her bday gift!!!) & Dear Evan Hansen. She devoured every Harry Potter book last summer and identifies Hufflepuff. She’s gotten into makeup & truly doesn’t apply it like a clown! (She’s doing beautiful natural accents... and I’m sporting duo chrome holographic lip gloss. :-D) She’s become a devotee of Naturally, Danny Seo and loves us having sleepovers on the weekends where we fall asleep to the soothing brush tones of Bob Ross. She is well-rounded, kind, stubborn, and hilarious.

She *DID* have a partially Naturally, Danny Seo bday party Friday afternoon! :-D A few cheer & school friends met us at the park pavilion around the corner for this sea glass vase craft:

Of course, I made her cake [a pom in her new school cheer colors! (quite literally my two least favorite colors together on earth, but oh well! :-P)]

JB topped off the festivities with a super cute game: they had a sheet with four quadrants, and they had to draw a little picture in each one to answer the questions he asked:
1) What is your spirit animal? (Unicorns were a big choice. :-D)
2) Who would you want to have dinner with? (Most said book or show characters.)
3) What’s your favorite memory? (Annelise said it was us calling her Skittles when she was a baby! Awww!)
4) What’s your favorite song?
They all shared their answers & drawings and laughed together! Really sweet & simple. ❤️


  1. Happy, happy 12th birthday to Annelise!!! Congrats to her on moving up to Level 3 also! Looks like a sweet, fun party ~ and your cake is beautiful!!


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