Bluebonnets + Bonnie Blue

Bluebonnets on Easter...
These were just a few small patches along the bayou right across from where we had lunch after church. ❤️ Next year, Annelise & I want us to drive out to one of the giant fields for full family pics! (That will be a feat of preparation. The males in our household hate photo ops, & esp. driving for them! :-P)

It’s the EASTER BEAGLE! :-D Thank you to *everyone* who has sent our old lady puppy love & prayers! ❤️ She had a stroke ~2 months ago, so that’s what caused her scary sudden lack of mobility I mentioned back in February. She quickly learned how to get around, again - just limpy - so I guess there’s still no stopping her at almost 16 years old! She looooved the cascarones (confetti eggs) on Sunday - so many smells!!!

But now another challenge & subsequent prayer request: in all honesty, after her February episode, we really didn’t think she’d still be with us... Praise God, she is!!! But we also have to leave for Disney for Summit in May, and we’re struggling with our plans for her. We don’t board her regularly: maybe 4 times? In almost 16 years! She likes her home space, so on the rare occasion that we’re all gone together, we’ve always just left her free in the house and had a pet sitter come over several times a day to feed & let her out. That’s really not an option, anymore: since she’s so old & incontinent, we don’t even leave her roaming the house freely when we have to be gone for more than 30 minutes now. We crate her then and also overnight in Will’s room; but we cannot leave her crated alone 22/7 for 5 days. Having someone come over, even for two full hours a day, is just not enough attention or time out of the crate. In an ideal world, a grandparent could come & essentially babysit, but my mom will be here the week before for an event, and JB’s parents are going with us to Summit.

We’re down to *having* to board her...which makes us nervous, b/c she had NO VOICE when we picked her up the one time we boarded her for 3 days last year (over New Orleans) - she had flipped out & barked the entire time. :-/ With her less-than-100% health now, this makes us even more anxious. We also let all her shots run out this winter, b/c she’s never around other dogs, and we truly didn’t think we would ever be boarding her, again, so why stress her out with a shot appointment & spend the $$$? But now that’s tomorrow’s afternoon “fun”. Y’all, please pray that when we board her this time, she doesn’t think we’ve left her for good...and give up fighting to stay with us...


  1. Sweet pictures in the bluebonnets!! Hope all goes smoothly with the shots and with boarding her next month!


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