Goodbye School, Hello Summer!

End of 8th grade for Will (starting high school in August!) and 6th grade for Annelise:
Will is even taller than Annelise now, but she definitely matured. (When she’s a bit more put together like this day, she really looks older. For the most part, though, she’s sporty spice in athletic wear + headbands and no mascara.)

Before school ended last week, Annelise earned the Grizzly Award “in recognition of model behavior: pride, respect, integrity, determination, and empathy” for 6th Grade Science:

My last hour before the kids got out of school - plow pose off the back of a SurfSET balance board:
(So this pic got a lot of FB comments: “How on earth?!” “I would break in half!” etc. Everyone chuckling over the seeming-impossibility of this got me thinking how crazy it is that so many of us just say “we’re not flexible” and leave it at that. I do get it – that used to be me, too! And *not* that crazy plow pose variations need to be anyone’s goal :-P but speaking from true experience as someone who literally couldn’t touch my own toes while standing just a few years ago, it’s very true that you are only as young as your spine is healthy. People spend all this time working out, running, & lifting weights, but if you can’t move with ease getting in & out of bed, up & down off the floor, etc., what’s your extended quality of life? I’ve gotten so passionate about this - esp. as we get older. You don’t even have to go to yoga every week, if that doesn’t work for your life - you can totally stretch on the floor at home while you watch TV. There’s even this one YouTube lady (there are thousands of awesome Yin yoga YouTube videos, but I love this one lady’s,) b/c it is so basic & doesn’t have any background music, if you’re multitasking: Let me know if any of y’all try this! It’s my favorite! )

The last day was a half day, so we spent that afternoon at our cheer friend’s pool:

You can take the cheerleaders out of the gym but… :-P (Who am I kidding – this same night, the first night of summer vacay, they were right back at practice in the cheer gym after the whole afternoon stunting in the pool! :-D #cheerlife)

I’m super happy to have my playmates back! :-) On the horizon: Will is going to church camp, while Annelise has Publications (yearbook class she got into for next year) camp, school cheer, & allstar cheer practice.

I was honored to teach a special PiYo class last weekend – dedicated post coming.

The lady who maintains the social media for our church took this picture of me singing on Sunday and shared it. #filledwithHisjoy
“Sing to him, sing praises to him; tell of all his wondrous works!” - 1 Chronicles‬ ‭16:9‬ ‭


  1. Happy end of the school year!! Congrats to Annelise on her award! My girls finished school yesterday, so we're excited about the summer ahead!!


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