Hamilton in Houston

We got our shot at Hamilton: An American Musical in Houston Wednesday night! Total bucket list dream come true!!!

It was EVERYTHING! Totally magical!!! Of course, since we have the Broadway soundtrack 100% memorized, it took a minute to get used to these characters not sounding exactly like Lin-Manuel, Leslie, etc. But to actually see the staging in person = glorious! Extraordinary creative simplicity - it *was* just as I imagined it would be. No major surprises. Lots of beautiful touches, nuanced choreography, & smart character reaction choices. It was simple, powerful, & majestic! The content proudly spoke for itself.

So how did we actually score these elusive golden tickets??? No, we certainly did NOT pay the $800-each average going resale rate!!! Think I’m exaggerating? Just for research’s sake, I searched for our exact section for tomorrow night on StubHub. Yeeeaaaaahhhhh, this is the row behind us, and only 2 are available:

We budgeted and applied for a spot in the Ticketmaster Hamilton lottery back in February - this was just for a *chance* to be able to purchase tickets the morning they actually went on sale. A CHANCE.
JB, my mom, & I all applied. JB & I actually won special access codes at two different sale availability times. His was first, Friday morning February 23rd at 10 AM. He was ready at 9:58 with his finger on the computer, and he snagged the first 4 best available. Whoa... He called me right away! JOY!!!!! 🎉 He had my access code & was poised to do the same with my info at my scheduled 10:30 window - even though we had our maximum 4 already, we wanted to use my code to get 4 more to sell at face value (not resale insanity!!!) to friends who didn’t get the chance to purchase. He tried the second it hit...and everything was completely sold out except for single seats!!!!! :-O The timed access code truly was just a chance. Stunned. And suddenly realizing how so extra thankful we needed to be for our initial 4.

We kept the tickets secret for TWO WHOLE MONTHS, telling Annelise on her birthday. (That was sooo hard!!! We got the tickets the Friday of NCA; I almost told her that Sunday night to soothe the disappointing finish on our 4-hour drive home. #selfcontrol) On her bday, we gave her this little Hamilton bracelet and then JB said, “But wait - there’s more...” ;-)

Our 4th ticket was originally for my mom to fly in & come with us...but she gave it up to come next week instead to dogsit while we’re at Summit, so we don’t have to board Bonnie. ❤️❤️❤️ (B turns 16 Monday!) My BFF Angie’s daughter lives & breathes Hamilton, and they couldn’t get tickets; so when we offered this single with us, they both cried! It was such a blessing to have it go to someone who really appreciated every second.


  1. I'm with you - I have the hardest time keeping special things like that a secret!!! Glad y'all enjoyed the experience!


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