Paddleboard Yoga

PADDLEBOARD YOGA!!! What a cool adventure! It was my first time ever on a stand-up paddleboard, (but I’m told these are a bit wider than normal.) We paddled out across a beautiful, clean little lake; hooked up to a line with a carabiner, so we wouldn’t randomly float off from the group; and enjoyed a really nice practice!

When people saw these pictures posted on FB, the two responses were: 1) I want to go next time! ❤️ Or 2) HOW ON EARTH?!

I have to be honest: the “I could never do that”s make me roll my eyes. It’s truly for all abilities - apparently even people who can’t swim sign up & wear their life jackets the whole time! :-O :-P The boards don’t flip, unless you pull them over. (You saw we did once, switching places in a partner pose. :-D) Literally anyone can do this. Anything you’re not comfortable doing, you just don’t do it. You don’t have to do all the crazy partner stunts, twists, & inversions - they just make cool pics, if you’re comfortable with those poses. Too many people think yoga is turning your body into a “pretzel” or “circus stunts” (ugh, that’s sooo irritating, too!) It’s not: it’s stopping, breathing, finding your edge, finding new space, and loving where God has brought you *today*. Yoga always fills me with gratitude for where I am able to go physically & with God. ❤️


  1. That's so cool, Sues!!! What a relaxing environment to practice yoga in!


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