Summer Start

One of our precious cheer friend families is moving back to Norway, (they were just here for 3 years for the dad’s job,) so we threw them a send off party. I wouldn’t say “goodbye” - instead “safe travels!” I’m so thankful cheer brought us together the last 2 years and that we can stay connected even across continents. Skål! God reise!

I was honored to be asked to teach a special PiYo class to the Texas Fit Chicks a few Saturdays ago! So strong, positive, & inspirational:

Annelise is flying high with her new Senior Level 3 allstar cheer team! She officially leveled up, and her new team for the next year is called Rage:

Cultural thoughts: I had zero connection to Kate Spade - not one purse or accessory; just not me - so I felt disconnected to that corporate wave of grief; but then it rushed with Bourdain - food, travel, culture, sociology = huge passions. I didn’t feel any tie to him personally, but his show reflected my heart: “it tried to teach Americans not to be scared of other people, that people everywhere want the same things: family, traditions, community, & pleasure, and the way to live is to celebrate the differences in our families, traditions, communities, & pleasures.” I can’t travel like I wish at this point in life, but God willing, I will, again; his passing rekindled that priority reminder & longing in my heart.

Will had a great time at church Kamp last week. It sounds like he really took it in, made some new friends, & connected with his counselor (whom he wants to see play in a college football game this fall. Thankful for good role models.) He’s listening to his fave Kamp song “Glorious Day” on repeat, (which is extra cool, b/c I’ve been singing it on our Praise Team quite a bit, too. :-)) They played TONS of crazy rec games, (y’all *know* we bleed team spirit for our affiliations; you can see he is my child!) They did the 12 tribes of Israel, and he was team Levi:
Their Bible study was focused on Romans 8 - specifically Romans 8:31. I was so proud of him the Sunday night they returned: he gave his little testimony from Kamp on stage in front of everyone at the Kamp celebration service, talking about how much this verse impacted him & how it reinstilled his self-confidence. ❤️

How’s your summer starting out? Up next: paddleboard yoga!!!


  1. Glad Will enjoyed his time at camp!! My older daughter is leaving for two weeks at camp on Monday. She's participating in their "Counselor in Training" program. It will be the longest she's ever been away from home, and I know we're going to miss her so much!

    Looking forward to hearing more about paddleboard yoga!!

    1. Two weeks is a big deal!!! Praying for her & YOU!!!

  2. It looks like you've got a great, fun start to your summer!

    1. I feel like it’s already going too fast!!!


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