9th & 7th Grades (Or “I Have a High Schooler!”)

I don’t do First Morning of School pics, anymore, (they don’t want my camera in their faces that early & *I* was still tired! :-D Plus, this year, they go in a full hour & a half apart *ugh*) so we do First Afternoon of School, instead. 9th & 7th Grades. This way, I can also report that they both had awesome first days: Will seemed to be VERY POSITIVE about high school (no gripes about anything, so far, except having to do a fundraiser for football - he’s like me: I’d rather go without whatever fancy new things they are trying to raise money for than ask people to buy anything from me :-P) & Annelise was happy, too, (less surprised, but definitely pleased!) #letthislast #positivity #prayingforprotection

How back-to-school feels:
• I had so much peace about them being fully prepared & ready! Not a bit of anxiety for anyone re: school, classes, getting around, etc.
• I’m not sad, but it’s just *so weird* to know I have a HIGH SCHOOLER!
• I’m used to them getting home b/t 2:45 & 3, b/c junior high has always gotten out at 2:40, until this year. Will still gets out then, but he has football practice, so he doesn’t get home until 5-ish. Since our district moved the junior high start time back a full hour & a half (to combat transportation issues? doesn’t seem to be working, but doesn’t affect us – we don’t bus) Annelise doesn’t get home now until after 4. Even with the whole summer off, my brain is still used to thinking it’s about 3:15 by the time they’re home, unpacked, settled, and ready to eat & chat with me... but it’s really 5:30!!! :-O I feel oddly like I’m losing two hours of my family time with them.
• The hardest part of having the kids not home now is actually Bonnie. These first few days of school have been the first times I’ve been home *completely* alone at any point during the day since she passed. I hate it...

Up next: an awesome movie night...


  1. Great first afternoon of school picture! And girl, I am right there with y'all on the fundraisers!!

    I feel the same way about having a high school senior this year - not really sad, but it feels SO weird! Hugs to you missing Bonnie!!

    1. Thank you for ALL of this! Sharing our fundraiser ugh, the high schooler weirdness, & my Bonnie sadness. ❤️


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