Ending Summer

Y’all, I thought I wouldn’t get our annual school supply pile pic on the stairs this year, (high school obviously doesn’t have a standard list, so Annelise & I just went for hers a few weeks ago.) I was dorkily happy when Will got all his supply lists from his teachers at the Spartan Spectacular. First supply pile pic, though, without our Bonnie Blue...

Selling discount cards for Annelise’s school cheer fundraiser at Bear Blast (where junior high gets their schedules 1 week before school starts) was actually hard work! Glad we didn’t have to do it on our own!

Making It is my & Annelise’s new fave TV show!!! (And NO - I’m *not* crafty IRL (only with photo editing!)) It’s got a Great British Bake-Off vibe - that kind of charming & intriguing. Beyond delightful!

Happy gym stuff: I had a capacity crowd for PiYo at my local boutique gym:
And then the next morning at Zumba, one of my regular members brought her 5th grade son... and he LOVED!!!
My heart was so full...

This weekend, I got to sing the National Anthem, again, for our youth football league’s Opening Ceremonies:
(I’m done running youth rec cheer, but I loved being asked to sing, again, and JB has actually picked up his involvement as a divisional football director, again, after a couple years off.) I forgot earplugs to combat the massive stadium sound system delay, so it was a little slower than I usually do, but still a great experience. (Pretty much just like this, except there were clearer skies last year! :-P Also, we were at the OTHER gianormous stadium right next door! :-D) We had family time in the Press Box afterwards while JB announced the game:

Sunday morning, I sang on Praise Team, and y’all know - it’s not a Praise Team morning without some silly pics:

Praying for the start of school Wednesday:

Finished off this last weekend of summer with an allstar cheer Rage bonding pool party:


  1. Yay for another school supplies picture!! :) Looks like y'all are ending summer well. Hope all goes well for the first day of school!


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