Goodbye, July

Annelise *really* had to twist my arm for this Electric Shock lip lacquer. :-D I’m not a big makeup person, so if I’m bothering to put something on, it’s definitely GLITTER. Check out our “serious” supermodel faces - how gorgeous is she??? #glitterbombcheerleaders #40andfabulous #yesillwearthisinpublic

What an HONOR to have one of my very first Zumba members in Texas invite *me* to her wedding expressly to Zumba with her at her reception!!! I’m thankful she let me follow along with her love story from the very beginning...

I also got to teach Zumba to a bunch of littles at my boutique gym’s Summer Camp:

We took a cool PiYo time lapse video - our WHOLE hour-long class distilled into 32 seconds!!!

We trekked to Chinatown numerous times this summer for bubble tea (osmanthus oolong!), phở, & bánh mì. I just like this pic:

Cheer - allstar cheer Rage choreography camp: crazy sock day, camo day, & *still* playing around at dinner together after choreo:

School cheer Big/Little Sis at practice:
They performed their first pep rally for the incoming 6th graders at Cub Camp (“intro to Junior High” day) Wednesday [no parents = no pics] and will help everyone picking up & walking their new school schedules for the first time next Wednesday.

Will started football camp this week; his official freshman football practices begin Monday. (Wish there were pics of this, too!) He gets his first high school schedule on Tuesday. School here starts for everyone in a little less than two weeks on August 15th. No one’s freaking out - they’re not crazy excited to go back, but they’re not worried, either. I guess that’s normal, decent balance. :-P


  1. Fun pictures and life update!!! Yes, we're back to school on August 20th....hard to believe it will all be starting up again so soon!!


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