Will’s 14th Birthday Week

We celebrated Will’s 14th birthday last weekend: K1 Speed go karts, Battlefield Houston laser tag, sushi + hibachi dinner, and sleepover for Fortnite & football fun:

His bday was topped off with the dream gift he’s waited over a year for: some crazy awesome bike. (I don’t bike; I have zero specifics on this. :-P)

Sooo, the day after his bday was not as awesome & sooo *NOT* OK before just the 2nd football practice of the season:
Bike accident. (Being dumb: he & his buddy were racing & cut each other off. Dream bike is fine.) Nothing broken, no shoulder separation. Two days in a sling to rest.

Took Will straight from Urgent Care to football practice (his legs still work!!! :-D plus, it was already set to be shortened & low key, b/c of Tuesday night’s Spartan Spectacular = everyone getting their high school schedules.) He let me come with to walk his schedule & watch him meet his teachers!!! #gratefulteenboymom I didn’t even make him take any pics. (Do you realize the insane amount of self-control that took me?!?!) I have to say, he’s totally ready. He didn’t look like a small fry in the huge high school halls, and he was super confident, already knowing almost everywhere he needed to go. While I’m a *HIGHLY* present parent at football games & cheer everything, I’ve never helicoptered their academics (I don’t ask about homework; I tell them, “I already graduated your grade. This is your business, not mine,”) and watching him Tuesday night *did* fill my mama heart with extra pride & assurance in his independence.


  1. 14???!!! Wow!! Happy Birthday, Will!

    SO glad his arm injury wasn't more serious! And, yes, I do realize the insane amount of self-control you exhibited regarding pics, because that's me with my oldest ALL. THE. TIME! (Although this is her senior year, so she may just have to get over it a little bit :)

    1. Yes! That’s what I’m thinking: I will respect his privacy a little more in these early high school years, but senior year, when it’s my last chance? I’ll bets are off! Documenting ALL the things!!!!!


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