Good Stuff Rewind

Rewind of fave things with my mom from her visit last week:

Our newest fave: 24” ginormous pizza! Yeah, a 2-foot wide pizza sounds...egregious, but it’s way cooler than ordering 2 smaller pies, and they cut it in fun, square pieces. Better-sized leftovers for the kids to take to school, too:

A bittersweet football game, watching Will play against so many former teammates & forever family from our Falcons youth football years!!! (They’re all zoned to this other, next-closest school.) Coach Blake was proud, and LaLa got to see Will play both offense (Center) & defense (right DE). Loved that Will got to come up in the stands to say hi for a second before the next game:

GIRL TIME! The only time I get my nails done is with my mom, and the place we’ve found here just makes us sooo ecstatic!!! They do a mermaid chrome nail for me (white shellac with a mermaid glitter powder rubbed into the top layer to make the mirror chrome effect) that fills me with such joy!!! I literally stare at my nails in every light for the next week straight. I wish a camera could capture how dynamic the color is! Here’s a close one from a google search:

Will’s fave: putt putt. He just loooves it.

Sunset after Saturday dinner with my best girl:

Not captured: fab lunches, cute boutique browsing, & cheap Chinatown massages!


  1. That pizza looks good!! Love your nails, too! Glad you got to spend this time with your mom :)


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