First Two Cheer Comps

Our first allstar competition of the season was in Galveston. We made it there way faster than we time for windy, pre-competition BEACH PICS!!! ❤️ (With teammate Ashlyn & mom Kate)

Rage actually took FIRST PLACE! Sooo much to improve on still, but Annelise was *AMAZING* coming back from a bad fall that took her completely out of practice their last practice before competing. She hit all her skills & proved she was back to 100%!

Their second competition was the following weekend. It was not Rage’s day. One teammate with the flu, one with food poisoning, a big emotional coaching shake-up + major elite stunt changes with only one practice the week of = understandable but still... POSITIVES: loooved watching the girls fight for each other!!! No actual stunt falls. Love Annelise’s new competition hair do!* :-D And especially excited that we have a full month until our next competition to get everyone healthy & solidify changes!
(Annelise: center flyer)

*(It’s a drawstring ponytail! The competition hairstyle for our gym this year is a high teased pony with the tail completely straightened. With Annelise’s thick, curly hair, that is a nightmare to do & to take out. (Look back up at the first comp’s pics!) So with this, we just slick her hair up into a bun & attach the drawstring ponytail over that – it looks a million times better & is light years easier on us getting ready. I was afraid we were going to ruin her natural hair with teasing & straightening damage this season, but not anymore! That being said, she LOVELOVELOVES this look & even wants to wear it to school. :-D I told her - in the least passive aggressive way possible ;-) - to remember when I suggested her not chopping off as much of her former Rapunzel glory this time last year. :-P)


  1. Congratulations on a first place - and I love the new hairstyle, too!!!


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