Mid-January Us

How is January more than half over?! This year can slow down anytime now. :-P Bullet notes:

• Our January Universal Yums box was from Germany! A bit anticlimactic for me personally (no big surprises) but definitely stirred my nostalgia! ❤️ Annelise & I loved every single snack. The one (albeit delicious) cop out was the peanut puffs, b/c you can get those several times a year at Aldi. :-D I *knew* they’d have some flavor of wafer creme cookies (lemon), and the XOX Zwiebels (onion-flavored puffed corn rings) were awesome. The one unexpected joy was the Shokomonk white chocolate poppy seed bar! I wouldn’t regularly choose either one of those ingredients independently, but together??? Wow - nutty creamy decadence.

• Joyous athletic wear finds in the Lilly Pulitzer After Party winter sale make my favorite job & hobby even happier:
(If you missed my last post about my fitness classes, it’s here.)

• Speaking of fitness, it might be time for new weightlifting gloves... :-D

• Will has grown over the last month, and when my mom was here, we discovered he’s officially taller than me now:

• Bailey is awesome. I had been freaking out, b/c the whole time my mom was here, she kept purposely pottying in our front room - I could NOT believe it & began devising containment plans...but as soon as our routine got back to normal? Not a single mess. #whew The cutest: taking care of me when I was a bit sick this week & literally lying with JB in a variation of yogic puppy pose:

• Will’s basketball season got off to a strong official start Saturday with a 32-17 win! (Their scrimmage last week was...not so great, so this was a VERY happy outcome!)

• Annelise’s cheer competition (back in Galveston: yay for post-comp beach fun!) last weekend was positive! They ended up 3rd vs. 8 teams = hardware EARNED!!!
[Annelise: center flyer]

Next up: a serious post about cheer life lessons...


  1. So that white chocolate poppyseed bar actually sounds good to me!! Will is getting so tall; love that he's playing basketball again this year! And congrats on 3rd place at the cheer competition!


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