Dance Semester #4!

My 4th session of dance classes began yesterday. That means my 4th new round of students this year...and that's the thing I dislike about my current studio. I hate that every month and a half, I get a whole new set of girls in every single class. There's no building on steps throughout the year; teaching here has a very Groundhog Day feel to it. I don't feel like I have a personal connection with any of my students - something I have always cultivated. I just don't have much emotion over these classes; they're all "fine". I *do* think it's a cool option for young dancers just starting out to get to try lots of different classes w/o being trapped in one they aren't enjoying for a full year; but there's also no incentive for them to make a commitment & stick with a certain class to see how they can learn & grow. I don't feel like they are getting a true picture of what dance class really is. On the flipside, there is more stability with the older classes, (the youngest ones, which I teach, are the ones that have the major turnover; I can't teach the older ones, b/c Will & Annelise are out of school by then.)

For the very first time, though, I have one class (creative movement, ages 3-5) who all signed up for back-to-back sessions, so I already know them and can actually build on what we did the last 6 weeks! I can't even explain the relief I felt when I read the roster.

I am very much looking forward to going back to a tradtional studio one day whenever, wherever we move next. I miss the growth & connections working with the same students all year, and I miss recital choreography.


  1. i am actually leaning more towards taking my 3 year olds out of the recital next year (if we're still here). at the studio i taught at in SC, they did an in-house parent demo for the 3 year old classes. they got costumes and we decorated the studio, then the girls did their class for their parents/grandparents/friends and finished with a short dance. it was a wonderful experience and i want to try to replicate that. it takes the pressure off of the 3 year olds and gives them a wonderful end-of-the-year experience AND it makes being in the recital something to work towards and makes them feel so important once they are old enough :-) keep walking the path God has you on. remember, it is only a season!

  2. I think that sounds really cool! This studio is all about catering to whatever parents ask for, which is really cool for the most part, but it seems sometimes at the expense of quality, (or reason.) Last year, Annelise's pretap ages 2.5-4 was the only class under 5 in the recital. This year, there are suddenly 4 classes under 5 in it, b/c every parent wants their kid in the recital. As one of those parents now, I TOTALLY get that feeling; but I do love your idea of having the recital being something they work towards & look forward to - like working towards pointe shoes or, in the studio I grew up in, the elite tap class that was the face of the studio.

  3. exactly! it gives even the younger kids motivation. i hate catering 100% to parents; i really do because you do lose quality and you never can please everyone! oh, there's always drama :-)

  4. So true!!!

    I got another round of girls today, and at least I can say they're more attentive than the last 6 weeks. :-)

  5. yay for more attention! i got a new student today in my 3 year old class (students that joined after christmas will not be in the recital but will have their parent watch day thing in may).. anyways - ABSOLUTELY NO ability to focus! i was ready to pull my hair out! oh well :-) once she learns the ropes, hopefully it will get better


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