Easter Hope & Recipe

I wish I would have come across this Easter breakfast recipe *yesterday* instead of after breakfast this morning!!! But next year, for sure!

Sandra Curtis shared this devotional that touched my heart so deeply this Easter:

God comes to us when we are left holding our head in our hands - when the things lost or left undone overwhelm us. There are moments even for the most devoted followers of God when hope seems hard to come by. The story of the resurrection is one of being surprised by God in our darkest hour. God shows up when we imagine we have been deserted or forgotten.

When God sends messages of hope and love they tend to show up in people. What do we say when the people around us have suffered tremendous loss? Perhaps nothing. Maybe we just show up and bring God's love with us. We go back to Maundy Thursday's lesson and do small things with great love. Then we remember that hope and resurrection are God's work.

If we know the Easter story, we can count on being surprised by God showing up even in the darkest hour in our own lives and in the lives of those we love. When the women arrived at the tomb to care for the Jesus that they loved, God was there waiting for them. They were amazed and surprised by love.

Great Comforter, bring the spirit of Easter joy and love into my life. When the hour is dark, give me the gift of faith and help me find a way to move forward and be a presence of hope. Help me to know that your resurrection brings peace to me in every hour of my life. Amen.


  1. Great message. I pray for you and for me that we can carry the message of Easter in our lives every day until this day arrives again next year. We are blessed! I hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday!

  2. Love that recipe and the devotion! I did the Easter story cookies last year (basically a hollow meringue cookie) but this seems much more yummy. I'll have to give it a try for next year. Hope you all had a blessed Easter!!

  3. I've always seen the meringue cookie recipe, as well, but this is not only yummier, but it's faster & easier, too!

    Easter blessings YEAR ROUND to everyone!!!

  4. that devotional was so appropriate for us both. i cried as i read it! so excited about the easter breakast! yum! i hope the next few days bring you fresh tiny glimpses into the Father's love for you!

  5. Amy - I thought it was *perfect* for both of us, too!!!! LOVE YOU!!!


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