Easter Snakes & Resurrection Rolls

Our Easter was rather quiet, in more ways than one. I have a nasty cold, complete with laryngitis. (It is *not* a good week for this!!!) The Easter bunny did hop by, though:

And we did still make it to church, (which I cried most of the way through - moving away from NCC is going to be the hardest part of this.)

After lunch, we soaked up the spring warmth along the riverwalk. I know this may gross some of y'all out, but our household has really gotten obsessed with snakes this last year. (Annelise had fever-induced hallucinations about snakes just over a year ago, so ever since then, we've really made an effort to show her there's nothing to be afraid of, that they don't want to try and "get" us.) We love watching nature shows, and there just happen to be brown water snakes that often sun themselves on the rock banks along the riverwalk when it's warm. Yesterday we saw the first two snakes of the spring, and that was a *happy* thing. :-P

At Sunday School yesterday morning, Will also got the same "Resurrection Rolls" recipe I had found & posted. He was so excited for them, and I thought, "Why not? They don't just have to be for breakfast, and Easter's not over!" Since we live in "something's always open" America, we just stopped at the grocery store on the way home from the riverwalk to get crescent rolls & marshmallows. It was AWESOME!


  1. looks like you had a nice easter! i'm so glad! i hope you have a lovely monday as well. clay said something to me last night and i want to share it with you, "it will get better, of that, i am sure; but it may get worse before it gets better". strange, but it gives me hope... love you

  2. Thank you, Love!!! I know God will use this for our good, even though we don't get it right now.

  3. I love the expressions on your children's faces! Just adorable!! Looks like you had a GREAT Easter!
    Keep Walking with the King!

  4. Thank you for coming & posting, Courtney! I hope you don't mind I initially linked your blog post here when I found your recipe. Thank you for that!!!


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