Southern Flair Magazine Inspiration & First Bday Gift

I sat down with my periodical stack and came away with these inspirations:

If (NO! *WHEN*!!!!) we get to move back to the Carolinas (when this would be just a short drive away - I wouldn't go out of my way for it) this treehouse/canoe adventure would be as close as I'd come to voluntarily camping. I think it looks whimsical! (I've paid my camping dues - I camped out in several of the national parks in Kenya - Samburu, Lake Nakuru, Maasai Mara - for two weeks when I went on safari, and the summer before Davidson I did a week-long hiking/canoe trip along the Appalachian Trail called Odyssey. They were awesome experiences, but I'm all about beds & indoor plumbing now. ;-))

If anyone wanted to give us this house, I'd take it. ;-)
Although, I think *this* may be our ultimate dream house. (Holy floor plan!!!) Or any of these with above ground basements. JB *has* to have a basement, esp. in our forever dream home. :-)

Southern Living recipes that sounded good to me: Barbecue-Topped Griddle Cakes, Fig-Glazed Burgers, Tomato-and-Corn Pizza, Fresh Corn-and-Asiago Cheese Bread Pudding, Heirloom Tomatoes with Fresh Peaches, Goat Cheese, & Pecans, several chicken salads, and Grown-up Banana Pudding Ice Cream - can you tell that I am the queen of salty/sweet dishes?!

I don't get too many catalogues anymore, (good, b/c I never buy anything out of them!!!) but Restoration Hardware Baby & Child showed up in the mail yesterday. Before I chucked it, I flipped through and froze on this layout:
I want the *one* thing in the pic that they don't sell: the dress form in the corner! How adorable would that look in Annelise's room?!?! Perfectly girly, and it could display her latest (or fave) recital costume or special dress! I feel myself starting to obsess...

I got my first bday present this morning (~2 weeks early ;-)) - a free Sephora Collection Beautiful Eyes Kit as my 2010 Beauty Insider Birthday Gift. The kit includes Mascara Lash Plumper, eyeshadow in shade Aspen Summit, and eye liner in shade Silver Green.

Last year, the free bday gift was a gloss trio:

And the year before that, vanilla cake bath & shower bubbles:

It's a really awesome free bday present every year!


  1. When did you safari in Kenya?

  2. May I ask who I'm answering? (The only other anonymous commenter I've ever had was my mom :-))

    I went on safari - OH.MY.GOSH!!! I just calculated: exactly 18 years ago this month!!!! It feels *impossible* that I'm old enough to be able to say I did ANYTHING 18 years ago & actually remember it! But I was in high school! (Sorry - this revelation is freaking me out. :-P)

    I went on my own (1st time out of the country) with a group of people I knew from my hometown. (My dad was going to come with, but he decided not to b/c of some medical stuff.) We went July 1992, flew into Nairobi, and spent several days in each park doing game drives. We were in Lake Nakuru for my birthday, and we also rode camels for two days!

  3. love - love - love the room layout and everything! i love flipping through catalogs but after awhile, i get depressed because there is no way we could afford anything right now, so i choose not to look through it unless i'm looking for something particular.

    super great birthday gift from sephora! i'm with Mary Kay and i wish there was a service like this to offer my customers. its a great idea!

  4. I am SOOOO with you on not liking to look at things you can't really have. I do NOT window shop; why make myself feel discontent when I would have been perfectly happy had I not known whatever-dream-thing existed? I've always called it my "Oprah's Favorite Things Theory" - I never watch Oprah, but I saw her fave things episode once & suddenly found myself OBSESSING over all this stuff that I didn't care a flip or even know about an hour earlier. Why do that to myself?

    I actually posted those dream homes, b/c for the first time in who-knows-how-long my heart didn't ache or my stomach churn with unrequited longing when I looked at them. Whether it's God changing my heart to help me wait or what, I was so proud of myself for not being up all night churning about going home after I found them (while still loving them! love w/o that sick immediate obsession) I had to post. :-D


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