Summer Reading & Cheerwine Krispy Kremes

I'm still swimming in a bit of an emotional overload, but I feel oddly steady through it, so...yay? Definitely praise God! I'm still heartbroken for my BFF whose life is upside down & gutted that she has to leave. I'm going to go over tomorrow afternoon & evening to help her pack, and I told her I/we could help take her & the kids to the airport Sunday, too. :'(

I'm thankful for the awesome weather, but I feel bad that we didn't make it to the pool today. We spent a couple hours at the library, though, and I am so proud of my kids! They enjoyed storytime, and then we registered them for their very first official library summer reading program. (Did y'all do these growing up? I remember them vividly!) We checked out 19 books the other day, brought back 14 today, and checked out 28 more!!! (We were at 13 new ones until we found the youth nonfiction area with all the books on snakes, sharks, & lemurs.) They have to "read" (be read & follow, although Will can read some) 20 books to get their first prize and 20 for their second. At this rate, we'll be done next week. :-P (I know we had to read 100 when I was little. I always got excited when I found a picture book or one I had already seen on Reading Rainbow to help me go faster! HA! Sidebar: my two fave RR episodes ever - Gila Monsters Meet You At the Airport and Hill of Fire. Royally freaking out that I just found those episodes online!!!) The kids also "wrote" (dictated to me) their first book reports! The summer reading program has a weekly prize drawing for everyone who also writes book reports on things they read. Will did two, and Annelise did one, so they'll be in a drawing Tuesday for gift certificates to Paradise Park. They told me their favorite parts, how they made them feel, their least favorite parts, and why they were for each book.

I'm missing some of my friends, but I'm also reveling in a major ego boost. Someone told one of my friends that I am "easy on the eyes and always pleasant". *blush* I will live on that all week!!! Words of affirmation is my biggest love language. (What's yours?)

I am insanely jealous of everyone at home in NC eating the new limited-edition Cheerwine Krispy Kremes

which are only in grocery stores there this July. I know we can't go back home until October, and I am absolutely obsessing over how to get me some to taste! One friend from high school on FB said she'd ship me some, and my mom said she'd bring some for Will's bday, although they'll be a bit stale by then...

Finally, I'm relieved to have discovered the source of the foul stench in our new pantry that I just unpacked 3 weeks ago: the Yukon Golds I bought last week rotted. Ick...but glad it wasn't anything worse! It smelled so bad, I don't even have words. I was really freaking out, b/c I had just put up everything in there fresh when we moved in, so I was scared it had to be an expired animal, (although we had no other evidence to suggest such.) I was pretty relieved to find the rotting potatoes, although JB was heartbroken! (He loves them taters! ;-))


  1. oh, i used to hate summer reading! mostly because i hated reading back then. i always did the minimum just to get by. my sister seemed to always soar past me and win all sorts of awards!

    as for the cheerwine Krispy Kremes, i'm with you in that i'm super jealous and wanting to try them! we were down south just a week ago and they weren't out yet, or at least, i couldn't find any. sounds delish! maybe you need to find some bubble-tea this weekend and sip your donut sorrows away :-)

  2. I remember summer reading and loved it. One year, I remember winning a trip to the NC Zoo. That was awesome!

    I've heard Krispy Kreme's freeze well. Maybe that would help :-)

  3. Ha! I have ALWAYS been such a slow reader, but I always wanted the prizes, so that's why I was so excited to "read" the picture books & breeze through the stories I already knew! :-P

    Do KK's *really* freeze well?!?! That may be the ultimate solution!!! EXCITED!!!!!


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