Tooth Two & Crowning Glory

Guess who lost his second tooth?
Will was super excited. He actually pulled it out himself (ick!) because he swore it was ready. (It really was super loose.) He was thrilled to show everyone today on the last day (sniff, sniff) of science camp. Here he is with his new extra-wide bottom gap and the space station he made this morning. :-)

And now that science camp is over (again: sniffle, sniffle! 7.5 more weeks until school starts - heaven help us! :-P) I announce that the crowning glory of *my* week was finishing my book!
Everyone keeps asking me if it was good, and I'm just going to stop not giving myself any credit as a "real leisure reader". Yes - I loved it! Her Ya-Ya books are my most favorite, but even as a stand-alone book with a completely different cast of characters, I still loved this one, too. I love the Southern setting, Southern culture, and family. Until Rebecca Wells writes another book, maybe (this is a BIG MAYBE, people! Y'all know I'd rather be writing here or on FB! ;-)) I'll look into Fannie Flagg.


  1. Congrats to Will...Abby hasn't lost anymore teeth, but her permanent teeth are coming filling in the big gap from the first two.

    You might be interested in the Yada Yada Prayer Group series. It's not set in the South...but in Chicago. I think you might find them thought provoking.

  2. well, i'm proud of you for getting through a book. two years ago, you couldn't pay me money to read a book for fun! now, i try to read whenever i can (which isn't very often). some strange thing just clicked inside of me, but i'm only interested in classics. modern day stuff really does nothing to peak my interest. give me a classic tale and i'm set. strange, no?

  3. Thanks, y'all! I've hated to read my whole life and only got on a leisure reading kick between getting married & having kids. Trying to read during day with them is a big joke (I am a slooooow reader & need total silence) and at night, I just want to veg on the computer in front of the TV; but the mornings last week worked!


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